4 Attributes to Look For in an Appliance Repair Training School

Fred's Appliance Academy
August 20, 2016

Getting into the appliance repair industry as a certified technician is a great opportunity to make a good living doing honest work. The average salary for an appliance repair technician in the U.S., according to glassdoor.com, is $40,940/year; and there’s always a demand for skilled appliance repair technicians. The best part is: training to become a technician is affordable and takes less than a month. In this regard, here are 4 attributes to look for in an appliance repair training school.

    • Robust Hands-On Training/ Relevant Course Material
    • Accommodations
    • Affordability
    • Helpful Resources


Robust Hands-On Training/ Relevant Course material

The entire point of attending an appliance repair training school is to actually learn how to work on the type of machines you’ll face on the job. This means there needs to be a combination of both classroom teachings, and hands-on training where these teachings can be applied. There also needs to be adequate lab facilities with modern tools and appliances to work on.

Fred’s Appliance Academy’s Basic Appliance Repair 3-week course covers appliance electrical theory and hands-on repair training with modern: microwaves, dryers, washers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and refrigerators – with brands such as: Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, Jenn-air, Kitchenaid, Frigidaire, Electrolux, LG, and GE.

There’s also (2) one-week courses available called: Refrigerator and Sealed System Course, and Microwaves and Electricity Course. Students get the attention they need with our low student to teacher ratio, and comfortably learn in our modern classroom and lab facilities. The courses cover all relevant aspects of appliance repair and use only modern tools, facilities, and machines, in order to give students the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed as a technician.



Taking 3-weeks out of your schedule to attend a trade school, means you’ll need a place to stay. Most people don’t live close enough to drive back and forth at night, and staying in a hotel would be expensive. The courses aren’t long enough to rent a place and stay for months or years, so finding an appliance repair school that offers accommodations is a valuable attribute.

Fred’s Appliance Academy offers students housing for their short stay, in our apartment complex called Fred’s Flats. This is included in the tuition and is only a couple blocks away from the academy, which makes accommodations simple for students. The apartments have all the amenities you’d want, and you can be assured that all the appliances are in good working order.



Contrary to popular opinion, getting trained (educated) for your career doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Indeed, keen individuals can choose to attend appliance repair school and pay only $3,999. Considering that after this training a graduate can start working immediately, as an appliance repair technician making an average salary over $40k, this isn’t too bad of a deal, right?

Fred’s Appliance Academy offers training and housing for our 3-week course for $3,999, and our one week courses cost $1,999. There’s not many career paths that have such an affordable start-up cost, and there’s not many trade schools offering as much as Fred’s Appliance Academy does for the price.


Helpful Resources

This robust classroom and hands-on training is designed to get students ready to confidently work in the industry, and pass the exams for two nationally recognized appliance repair certifications: the ioAST (Institute of Appliance Service Technicians) and the NASTeC (National Appliance Service Technician Certification).

While attending the 3-week course, students will have the possibility to earn these two certifications, which will help when it comes to job placement. Another resource students have is access to is our nationwide appliance job placement board, where an appliance repair technician job could be found right away.



Are you seriously considering becoming an appliance repair technician? Not only does it promise to be a rewarding and lucrative career path, but it’ll also make you a favorite among neighbors and relatives.

The attributes to look for in a trade school are: offers quality training designed to get graduates ready for relevant job duties in the industry workforce, provides accommodations for out of the area students, is affordable, and provides excellent resources for job placement.

Fred’s Appliance Academy is an opportunity for those who wish to take advantage of starting a great career at an affordable cost. No matter how “smart” appliances are becoming, technicians will always be needed to diagnose, repair, and service them.

Fred’s Appliance is a family owned business located in Madison, Ohio, and we’ve been serving the Cleveland area for over 20 years. If interested in learning more about Fred’s Appliance Academy please contact us today.

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