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We feel that a business should be able to prove real value to the products or services that they are offering. Our Academy was designed with offering a real value to our clients in mind. Check out our return on investment calculator.

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Basic Refrigeration Single Week Course


What the Course Covers

The one week course covers the basic principles of refrigerator repair. This includes:

  • Defrost System Theory, Repair, and Diagnostics
  • Sealed System Theory, Repair, and Diagnostics
  • Ice Maker Operation, Repair, and Diagnostics
  • Hands-on training

Each student will take a comprehensive exam at the end of the week that will cover all of the course material.

Defrost System Theory

We teach the core components involved in defrost systems across all brands and discuss common issues that can cause a refrigerator to stop cooling. This includes understanding the differences between a defrost issue and a sealed system issue.

We will show the student how to use their voltmeter to test many of the components found in the defrost system. Along with understanding the basics of how to read a wiring diagram for a refrigerator.

Appliance Electrical Theory

Before we start with any appliances though, we need to make sure each student knows how to use an analog and digital voltmeter. We also need to ensure the student knows how to determine if an outlet is shorted or in an open state. Refrigeration appliances, especially with all the different electronics found inside, will not function correctly if there is an issue with an outlet. Our staff will walk you through how to safely check various designs to ensure you are providing the most accurate diagnosis for your customers.


Sealed System Theory

The student will learn how a sealed system works in a number of different ways to encourage the student to understand the entire process.

We start out discussing the flow of electricity to the compressor and how to check for issues with different types of relays and capacitors.

Each student will get a torch in hand and go through brazing and soldering exercises. We also have integrated Lokring into this exercise as an additional option. Then we follow up with each student conducting their own sealed system repair in our refrigeration lab. We also discuss our own techniques for diagnosing a sealed system issue to ensure the most accurate diagnosis.

Dual Evaporator Theory

As a class, we will also dive into dual evaporator designs and discuss what makes them different than a single evaporator along with discussing the additional components involved.


Tuition includes a stay at Fred’s Flats which is within walking distance of the academy. Each flat is shared with another student but they will have access to their own kitchen and laundry. Each student will get their own private bedroom. This is a great learning environment and a great way to make new friends and connections in this industry. You will eat, breath, sleep appliance repair while you are here.

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Price & Availability



Fred’s Appliance Academy welcomes students from all across the country. Our single week courses takes place several times a year. The program includes 1 week of instruction, lodging, and meals.

Each class has a maximum of 20 students, so hurry and get your spot.



Tuition: $2,150 including housing and:

  • A 7 night stay in a 2 bedroom flat with a private bedroom
  • 1 week course (approx 40 hours of instruction)
  • Lunch served Monday – Friday
  • Flat has a complete kitchen and laundry along with kitchen utensils
  • EPA Certificate
  • Includes Textbook: Includes Textbook Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, 3rd Ed, by Eric Kleinert


Payment Options and Financial Aid

At this time, we can only accept some State and Local grants and limited financial aid options so long as our program meets their requirements. If you qualify for a grant to cover your education through a local office have them contact us to see if our program qualifies. We are registered with the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and our programs have been approved by them. However, we cannot accept Title IV funding as our programs of instruction do not meet the length requirements. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and School Registration Number 13-03-2010T