5 More Tools to Keep Yourself Safe During Appliance Repair

Getting the job done is important. But staying safe is even more important. Appliance repair can be dangerous and uncomfortable, but the right equipment can keep you safe. That’s why we talked about knee pads and other tools that can help. But while knee pads can help reduce knee strain and the risk of repetitive stress injuries, they can’t do it all. … Read More

Carry Extras of These Nine Things on Every Appliance Repair Job

Not all of your equipment is going to be tools and parts. Many times, it will be the bits and pieces that fall through the cracks that help you complete a job. Make sure you carry extras of these nine things: Parts That Break Over Time Very few of your repairs are going to be utterly catastrophic. Most jobs involve … Read More

4 Tools You Need If You’re Working with Gas Appliances

The difference between DIY appliance repairs and professional work is the experience. Once you’ve repaired a few different models of the different major appliances, their systems make sense. Basic problems become almost intuitive to troubleshoot. You gain familiarity with the quirks and individual specs in how different companies diagram their appliances’ wiring. Each time you take a machine apart and … Read More

3 Principles for the Safe Use of Tools

There’s no doubt that an appliance technician’s tools are important for getting a job done correctly. However, poorly handled tools are not only unhelpful, they can also be dangerous to the user. That’s why it’s critical that appliance technicians understand how to use their tools properly and responsibly; otherwise, an accident is much more likely to occur and someone could get … Read More

Take Care of Your Tools and They Will Take Care of You

If you are beginning or have already begun a career as an appliance repair technician, no doubt you recognize the importance of your tools. Without them, you simply couldn’t perform your job and earn a living. In addition, you probably also understand the expense involved in acquiring quality tools. Fine-crafted tools are designed to last for decades, maybe even for … Read More

How to Organize Your Tools for Efficiency and Reduced Loss

When you’re visiting a customer’s house to repair an appliance, you need to have all your tools with you. Depending on the range of appliances you service, this can mean bringing quite a bit of equipment on the road that you need to be able to sort through quickly, maintain, and take with you without leaving it at the customer’s … Read More

What You Should Bring With You to Make Appliance Repair Jobs Safer and Easier

A lot of appliance repair is appliance maintenance, and a lot of appliance maintenance is keeping the parts clean. Anything that generates heat or needs to cool things down is particularly susceptible to this because dirty and clogged parts can draw heat away as effectively. That means either an appliance will have substandard performance or the electrical components will be … Read More

What Screwdrivers Do You Need for General Appliance Repair

Screws are never standardized. If you find a socket plate in one room with flathead screws, one on even the other side of the same room might have a Phillips head screw. Appliances are particularly varied because screws come in different shapes and sizes, as do the angles around them that give you little access for dismantling an appliance. Here are … Read More

Working With Tools: Using Hand Tools And Power Tools

Every year, there are thousands of emergency room visits by people who have injured themselves using hand tools and power tools. Many of the people who find themselves in the emergency room because they did not use the tools properly and/or they were not working safely. When hand tools and power tools are used correctly and when the safety guidelines are followed, … Read More

Working with Tools: The Importance of the Proper Equipment

When you work with appliance repair, you need to be familiar with working with tools. You may already be familiar with the typical wrenches and screwdrivers, but in appliance repair, you’ll need to know more–such as voltage meters and even single and multiphase compressor testers. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that you are equipped with enough knowledge to properly use the tools you’ll … Read More