Work Van Walk-through

Fred's Appliance Academy
July 17, 2021

So you want a van tour, huh? Okay. First, let's do a little spring cleaning.

All right, first things first. This is all of my equipment for doing refrigeration work. Then, on the left, over here, we have a moving blanket, a steamer, some slide guards, some spare parts. I've got some sanitizer wipes. That's an extra bucket. These are parts that I'm going back for in customers' houses. That's my stepladder. I have my snow brush over here. I have my Shop-Vac over here, cooler of water there. That is one of my extra toolboxes there. Another part here, lots of extra electrical odds and ends and more stuff for refrigeration work. This, I keep extra screws, nuts, and bolts in. That is my vacuum pump for more refrigeration work.

In the front here, we've got my PPE area with my sunglasses and my regular tool bag. I've also got some odds and ends and hand sanitizer here. That's my garbage can, got my bottles of water, my lunch over here. Usually, my jacket's over there too, and this is my mobile pharmacy.

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