Testing a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Thermistor using a Glass of Ice Water

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Here, we’re going to be testing a Sub-Zero Thermistor using a glass of ice water. Using ice water’s an extremely accurate test for refrigerator thermistors as it will almost always be exactly 32 degrees. Here, I have the multimeter set to a temperature, and the thermostat that came with it is submerged in the water. The multimeter is reading exactly … Read More

Testing an LED Bulb in a Refrigerator using only a Battery and some Wire

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Wondering if that LED in your refrigerator is faulty? Grab a couple pieces of scrap wire, a useless old battery, and let’s find out. Here we have a nine-volt battery that will no longer power my multimeter, but it still has a use. The battery itself is still putting out about 4.5 volts DC, which is ideal for testing refrigerator … Read More

The Cycle of Refrigeration

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Most of us take for granted the tall shiny rectangular box sitting in our kitchen. However, a refrigerator/freezer combo is a home’s best friend and should never be taken for granted. As such, more time should be dedicated to taking care of it. After all, more time is spent in the kitchen, near the refrigerator, than in any other place … Read More