How to Fix Samsung Washer U6 Error Code

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September 30, 2021
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A Samsung washer U6 error code means that there is an “unbalanced load error.” The U6 error code is similar to Samsung error codes Ub, UE, 1 Ub, and 1U6. When you get a U6 error code, it usually happens near the end of the wash cycle or at the start of the spin cycle. At first, the washer may try to balance the load itself, but if that fails, the cycle will stop and display the error code.

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What Causes the U6 Error Code?

The most common causes of the U6 error code are:

  • Items in the tub have clumped together or are tangled up
  • The washer is overloaded
  • There are only a few items in the washer
  • The washer is not balanced

So, how do you solve these issues and resolve the U6, unbalanced load, error code? Fortunately, the issue is usually easy to resolve. Read on to fix the issue.

Balance the Laundry Load

The easiest solution to the problem is to open the washer and adjust the load. If the laundry is tangled, bunched up or stuck to one side, correcting this will often resolve the issue. Overloading or underloading can also cause the error, so another easy solution is to either remove or add an item or two to the load to balance it out.

Clothing items with strings or laces from shoes can also cause the error if they get caught in a part of the drum or agitator. To ensure this doesn’t happen, use a washing machine-safe bag or secure the strings so that they cannot get caught in the washer.

It is also important to ensure you use the right cycle when using the washer. Each wash cycle is designed to wash specific fabric types and soil levels. If the washer is expecting a different type of load, it may think that the washer is unbalanced and display the U6 error code.

Once the weight of the load has been rebalanced, the error should be resolved, and the washer will continue with the cycle.

Is the Washer Level?

Another cause of the U6 error code is that the washer is not sitting level on the floor. The washer may have been moved recently, perhaps if you just installed the washer or if it has been moved to a different location. However, the washer can also become unbalanced over time because of the vibrations produced by the machine during a spin cycle.

Using a level tool is the best way to check and fix the issue. If the level tool shows you the washer is not level, the washer’s legs should be adjusted until the washer is level. To adjust the leveling legs, locate the locking nut on the leg and loosen it with a wrench. Then, turn the leg clockwise to lower the leg or counterclockwise to raise the leg. Adjust the legs until the washer is level. When you have verified that the washer is level, tighten the locking nuts to lock them into place.

Along with the washer needing to be level, the four leveling legs also need to be firmly on the floor to provide stability when the washer spins. If the floor is too slippery to keep the washer balanced, place non-skid pads under the legs to prevent the washer from moving during the cycle. The locking nuts that lock the legs in place also need to be tight against the base of the washer. Use a wrench to ensure that the locking nuts are tightly secured.

Reset the Washer

Occasionally, the error code may occur because of a glitch with the control board. If there is a glitch, disconnecting the washer from the power for five minutes will allow the control board to reset. If it is just a glitch, the error code should be gone when you reconnect the power to the washer. However, resetting the washer like this may also just postpone the inevitable. If the error code returns, it is important to take the time to fix the issue, as putting it off will likely lead to more serious issues in the future.

Other Less Common Causes

Shock Absorbers

If you have a front-loader washer, it likely has one or more shock absorbers located between the outer tub and base frame of the washer. Check that the shock absorbers are connected at both ends and that one of them is not leaking fluid.

Suspension Springs

Both front- and top-loader washers usually have suspension springs to reduce vibrations and ensure the washer works correctly. The suspension springs can either be found beneath the tub or above the tub, holding the tub above the base. Make sure the springs are connected and in good condition, as a defective spring could be causing the U6 error code.

Dampening Straps

Some top-loaders have four rubber straps holding the tub to the four corners of the machine. If one of these fails, the tub would be off-balance, which would trigger the U6 error code.

Driver Bearings

If you have a front-loader washer, it may have ball bearings between the tub spindle and the motor shaft. If the casing wears and one or more of the bearings become dislodged, the tub will vibrate and could cause the U6 error code. If the bearings are worn, you will likely need to contact a trained professional to replace the bearings or even think about buying a new washer.

Snubber Ring

The snubber ring provides a cushion for the tub of a top-loading washer. If the snubber ring wears out, the tub will make contact with the metal base and potentially cause an unbalanced load error. The snubber ring is located between the leg and the dome assembly. Dust on a plastic snubber or clumps on a felt one are signs of wear.

Control Board

The washer’s control board sends and receives electronic signals to operate the washer. If the above solutions have failed to fix the U6 error code, the washer may have a faulty control board, which will need to be replaced.

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