Bench Testing a Dryer Split-phase Motor

Fred's Appliance Academy
January 6, 2020
Dryer Training

Bench testing a split phase motor from a dryer. You can bench test the motor outside the dryer or while it’s still inside the dryer. If it’s still inside the dryer, you will need to disconnect the wiring harness from the motor. Locate your motor switch with the numbers on them. The motor switch with the numbers indicates which contacts we’re going to want to apply power to. We are going to locate contact number four and contact number five which will be used to start the motor. When starting the motor, you’ll want to use a 120 volt electrical supply. We suggest you use a test-box with some kind of safety device inside.

Apply your alligator leads to contact four and contact five on the motor and apply power. Caution, make sure you’re holding down the motor to make sure it does not fall over as it does have a lot of torque on the startup. This motor is seized and we can hand spin this motor to get it going. This complaint would be that the customer tries to start the dryer and it just hums. So we may want to go ahead and replace this motor. That is how you bench test the dryer motor.
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