Toolbox 101: 7 Hand Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

Fred's Appliance Academy
July 20, 2016

Every home needs a well equipped toolbox. Whether you’re simply fixing a loose cabinet door or you’re repairing a faulty dryer, having a reliable set of tools to work with makes the job a little less taxing. Unfortunately, knowing which tools are a necessity and which ones aren’t isn’t always obvious. Luckily, filling your toolbox with the equipment listed below will bring you one step closer to owning a sufficiently stocked tool chest.

Screwdriver Set

No toolbox should be without a handy Phillips screwdriver set. From removing the access panel on your dishwasher to tightening a loose door hinge, a mixed set of screwdrivers is always a household necessity. You can also choose to purchase a magnetic screwdriver kit, however, if the set doesn’t come with a specialized case be sure to keep up with the bits. Keeping them in a small Ziploc bag inside your tool chest is best.

Wrench Set

If you plan on installing your own appliances or you simply plan on maintaining them on a regular basis, a wrench set is a toolbox essential. You can either purchase a combination set, which provides you with 6 to 10 wrenches in a range of sizes or you can buy 2 to 3 adjustable wrenches. While both options are great additions to your tool collection, selecting a combination wrench set has the extra benefit of a double-sided tool. Meaning the wrench has an open-end wrench on one side and a box end wrench on the other.

A LED Headlamp

A hands free flashlight is ideal for appliance repair projects. Having both hands unrestrained makes fixing or replacing intricate parts of your appliance a much less problematic balancing act. Owning an LED headlamp is also a convenience when the lights go out and you’re forced to roam through your house in complete darkness.


Pliers can help you get a number of home improvement jobs done, which makes them a staple in every household toolbox. Although there are many different types of pliers on the market, the two kinds you should have on hand are slip-joint pliers, and long nose pliers.

However, if you could only choose one set of pliers, slip-joint pliers would be the ones to go with. You can use them to perform a variety of home improvement tasks, such as, tightening and loosing nuts or depending on their size, griping pipes and rods. On the other hand, when you need a firm grip on smaller, hard-to-reach objects long nose pliers are the answer. They also come in handy when working with wire which makes them a good choice for performing electrical jobs around the house.

A Level

Having a level at your disposable not only allows you to hang a straight picture, but it can also help you maintain your appliances. For instance, a dryer that isn’t level can lead to critical parts prematurely wearing down. Luckily, if you own a level, you can check your dryer’s positioning and correct it when needed.

Tape Measure

No home should be without a tape measure. Whether you’re buying a new appliance or you’re building your own furniture, an accurate measurement is a must. We also suggest measuring everything twice before jotting a final number down.

Wire Strippers

Removing the insulation from wire can be tricky when you don’t have the proper tool. That’s why every toolbox needs a pair of wire strippers. Using another tool to extract the insulation can cause unnecessary damage, which means more stress and work for you.

Whether you consider yourself a home improvement expert or you’re just beginning your DIY journey, a well stocked toolbox is key to successfully completing any job. Unfortunately, some repairs require a professional, especially when it comes to a major appliance malfunction. If you’re dealing with a defective appliance and need the help of a trustworthy, professional, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to diagnose and fix the problem.


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