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Fred's Appliance Academy
March 12, 2021

Our team is committed to carefully thinking about our flows & we’re continuing to find new ways to communicate with our team. Our last 3 new appliance field service technicians were hired in an entirely virtual way. Not only that, we’ve got a set of online classes that allow for our new field team members to get structured education all while learning alongside one of our awesome field service technicians. What’s even cooler, all students have access to our rockstar instructor, Chad, for questions along the way. Your team can leverage the same classes to take your training to the next level!

Here’s our current virtual Field Service Technician onboarding workflow:

  • Applicants apply on our service website using our employment opportunity link.
  • Launch a recruiting campaign. (FaceBook, Indeed, spiff your team for referrals–we offer $1500!)
  • Resume received from applicant via our employment link
  • We then email the applicant an aptitude test (we offer this free to the industry!)
  • Once aptitude test results are received, we then email a link to schedule a virtual Google Meet meeting with our rockstar operations manager, Holly. (we use Calendly to create a seamless scheduling experience)
  • If the applicant shows for the meeting & seems interested, we then schedule another virtual Google Meeting with our owner, Adam
  • Adam will then wrap up the meeting with a commitment to follow up with the applicant via email within 7 days
  • If the applicant fits our criteria to join our team, the applicant then receives an offer letter with a starting wage commitment via email. The offer is contingent on applicants passing screenings via PlusONE, Lowe’s & Motor Vehicle Report check.
  • If the applicant accepts the offer, they text a picture of their Driver License & Social Security card to Adam
  • We initiate an approval to screen the new field team member via AdobeSign. These approval forms can be downloaded from PlusONE & Lowe’s.
  • Electronically file Resume, Driver License, SS Card & Approvals to screen
  • Initiate an email to our auto insurance agent to add them as a driver to our policy
  • Once electronic approvals to screen are received from the new hire; we then initiate screenings with PlusONE & Lowe’s from our side.
  • PlusONE will send legal notices, these are forwarded to the new hire.
  • We forward the PlusONE screening schedule email to the new hire. They schedule screenings from their side.
  • Initiate Lowe’s background check
  • Once screenings have cleared, we then email the new hire asking them for their official start date. We’re very flexible in this space as we’re not interested in asking the new hire to burn any bridges with their current employer.
  • Did anyone on our team refer this candidate? If so, we set up reminders via Gmail Snooze to spiff them $500 if the new hire hits the 6-month mark & another $1000 if the new hire hits the 12-month mark.
  • We set up an automation for the new hire to receive an email of their trainer’s route each morning
  • We add the new hire to our bonus worksheet.
  • We issue new hire their very own fredsappliance.com email using Google Workspace
  • We use Adobe Sign to obtain direct deposit agreement, company policies, Local taxes, Start Date & Start wage agreement, Uniform order, W4 & I9.
  • We onboard our new hire to QuickBooks Time for their time clock.
  • We add our training to our dispatch software, Rossware. Including placing them on the dispatch map.
  • We send out an official welcome aboard email with access to their new company email, discuss how they contact us for help, dress code, time clock, 401(k) via GuideLine, and introduce them to their trainer.
  • We ship initial PPE order to new hire
  • Wait for all electronic HR documents to be received, then electronically file them all
  • We schedule time with our awesome Academy trainer, Chad to give them the rundown on what to expect out of the job.
  • We order shirts & jacket for the new hire; shipped directly to their home.
  • Onboard new hire to our HR system–BambooHR
  • Enroll new hire into payroll system & health insurance
  • Onboard new hire to ServiceMatters & GE Tag
  • Order company credit card & ship directly to new hire

So, what’s next? Learn & train.

We onboard our new team members to our carefully designed online appliance repair training program right out of the gate. We have complete visibility into their progress in our learning modules. They are 100% self-paced so they can elect to take these classes whenever they’d like. This includes spare time outside of work hours or even in between service calls. This also positions us to make sure the new hire is truly a fit for our team–are they actually working through the classes to show dedication to learn this new career? Jess, our incredible office manager has weekly Friday check-ins. (we’ve set an automated reminder so this actually gets done!) We contact all trainers & trainees via email to follow up. What have you learned? What can we help more with? We also start asking basic questions such as–What do you do if you arrive at a customer’s home & they don’t answer the door? What is our service call fee? This continuous engagement curates our culture in such a way that the team truly knows they are supported. What better way to attract the best folks to your team?

Our team continues to be dedicated to sharing processes & our ideas with the industry. We believe this strategy will only raise the bar for the entire industry–ultimately improving the work lives of each of us. Who doesn’t want their work lives to be regularly improved?!

Are you ready to join the industry’s best trainers? We’re waiting for you.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you.

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