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Fred's Appliance Academy
February 3, 2020

With job markets becoming more competitive all around the world, unemployment is growing, especially in the USA and Canada. However, the situation is not at all hopeless. You can still launch a career as an appliance repair technician. And it gets better; you can opt to be employed or set up your own business. But either way, you will have a fulfilling job and a rewarding source of income. Here are three reasons why you learn appliance repair skills. 

Guaranteed Job Security

As an appliance repair technician, you will never have to worry about robots replacing you in the workforce. This is a rising concern for many people in this digital era. For us appliance repair technicians, the rapid advancements in technology work to our favor because there will always be newer appliances in need of repair now and then. Be assured that today and in the future, your skills in repairing appliances will always be in demand. But more important than the guarantee in job security is the fulfillment that comes with solving problems for people. The joy and relief expressed by clients when they have their appliance running efficiently once again are truly gratifying. It’s what motivates you to wake up every morning for your job.  

Apprenticeship Training

The best appliance repair technicians are those who acquire the necessary skills hands-on. And at Fred’s Appliance Academy, this is a teaching formula that we have proven to work effectively. We offer a three-week basic appliance repair course that covers the operation and repair of various household appliances, including refrigerators, electric and gas ranges, washers, etc. We also have a two-week basic refrigeration course for individuals who want to specialize in refrigeration appliances repair. Our courses involve theory classes that provide a solid foundation for our students before they embark on learning repair skills as apprentices. Our training facility is stocked with the latest appliances on the market today to give our learners relevant and timely repair skills and hands-on experience.   The beauty of learning appliance repair skills is you don’t need years of formal education to launch your career. In as short as three weeks, you can acquire a professional training certificate to begin your life as an appliance repair technician. And at Fred’s Appliance Academy, you have the opportunity to earn three different nationally-recognized certifications by the end of our basic appliance repair course. 

Independence & Versatility

 Do you want to go into company employment or do you prefer to be self-employed? This is one of the most significant benefits you get to enjoy when you pursue a career as an appliance repair technician. If you prefer an environment with an already established support team and clientele base, numerous home appliance companies employ appliance repair technicians. On the other hand, you can choose to set up your shop, be your boss, and set your own career goals. Whichever direction you decide to go, one thing for sure is: you will never have a dull day in your job. Every day presents different tasks and different appliances to repair. And what’s more, you will continue learning and sharpening your skills on the go while still earning a living. 

Kick Start Your Appliance Repair Career Today

If you find satisfaction in fixing problems, are intrigued by how appliances operate, enjoy working with your hands and with tools, a career in appliance repair is viable. At Fred’s Appliance Academy, we not only offer hands-on training but the best learning environment as well. We offer accommodation (costs included in tuition fees) for our students at Fred’s flats. You will have access to your private bedroom, kitchen, and laundry area. Get ready to learn appliance repair skills, make great connections, and launch your career today. For more information on course registration, contact us today.

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