How an Appliance Repair Career Can Help You Get a Good Work / Life Balance Back

Fred's Appliance Academy
July 20, 2020

These days, you can train for a lot of careers and dedicate your life to them. However, many find that certain careers are more all-consuming than others. There are many jobs in which the work is never done. There is always more that you can do and sometimes your bosses expect you to do it outside of your standard work hours. They want you to stay late daily for ridiculous quotas for the risk of being unemployed. When some discover that their life is more work than actual life, it causes them to look into training for another career, and rightfully so. If your job is consuming your personal time and you are looking to get it back, here is what a new career in appliance repair can do to help you get a good job and life balance back.

Appliance Repair Provides a True 9-to-5 Work Hour

All jobs may boast of their 9-to-5 work hours, but many never adhere to that schedule. There are hidden overtime requirements or on-call times that force you to give up personal time after hours or on weekends. There are also customers that need help in other time zones or just too much work with too tight of a deadline that forces you to work overtime.

While it is true that appliance repair is never without work as appliances will always break, it is not something you need to dedicate every ounce of time to. The fact that appliances will always need repair is what makes the industry so stable for those looking for employment. However, no one really wants an appliance repair technician over at 8 PM unless it is a dire emergency. You are at the service of customers, and most customers want personal time as much as you do.

That is good news. There is always work to be done, but there are set business hours in which to do it. After dinner time, customers aren’t keen on having repairmen in because they ready to spend time with their family. With no customers to visit, there is no work to be done and you are free to go home. If you are currently in a career that frequently has you staying overtime, then this is something to consider.

Fast Training

Engineering degrees, computer science, medicine – these career areas require years of training. During this time, you are likely collecting student loans and working every extra hour you have just to survive financially until you graduate.

In appliance repair, you can take courses that give you fast hands-on training and certification in areas you need to know. This allows you to go right into the workforce where you will get necessary on the job experience. You could spend literal years working towards a degree or you could be working in just a few months. Choosing appliance repair is a great way to get back to the life you enjoy as quickly as possible without struggling for years just to have a career.

Independent Work Environment

While it is likely that when you first start your career in appliance repair, you will be paired up with a more experienced technician. Hands-on training can give you the necessary knowledge you initially need, but for a lot of repairs, you just need to see done a few times by an old hand first. This is how you pick up all that necessary little knowledge that is not able to be taught in a classroom. The good news is that you will not be partnered up forever.

As you grow more experienced, appliance repair can be a very independent job. No adjusting your schedule to align with your co-workers and no office politics to leave you stressing out into the night. You can enjoy your lunch break in peace while still getting to enjoy the interaction with co-workers in small doses back at the company.

You Get to See The Sun

This is a small benefit of appliance repair, but it can make a huge difference. If you have ever worked in a cubicle before, you may know that some days, the only light you see is the fluorescent light of your office. As appliance repair is very much driving from one appointment to another, there is never a day when you don’t get to feel the sun on your skin. It makes your work life a more positive one in that respect.

Appliance Repair Takes Advantage of Technology

While not true for some of the older appliance repair companies that still insist on doing things the old and difficult way, most appliance repair companies are always looking to be more efficient. These days, technicians will be equipped with tablets that not only helps them organize their next appointment but can help them get the information and parts they need. Before even visiting a home, they will have the manual for the appliance at their fingertips and likely be given a good idea of what the problem is. This helps appointments and repairs go quickly so the technician is more efficient.

It is nice to have a career where all the necessary tools and knowledge are provided for you. Not every worker can say that they are provided that.

Interested in a Career in Appliance Repair? What Now?

If you are currently working a job that doesn’t respect your right to have a life outside of it, then it is time for a change. If you are sold on the idea of switching to a trade job in appliance repair, you can start your new career soon. At Fred’s Appliance Academy, classes can be finished in as little as three weeks. We provide hands-on training with modern brands and appliances that can help you land a job you can happily work for the rest of your life. If you are curious about appliance repair and want to know more, contact us today. Fred’s Appliance Service is dedicated to training students every day in the area of appliance repair so that they can find jobs quickly and have a well-rounded area of repair expertise.

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