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Fred's Appliance Academy
July 22, 2019

Nothing tells potential employers or customers you are serious and care about your work like investing in learning to do the job well. And the investment of time and money may not be as costly as you think to learn quality appliance repair.


Fred’s appliance repair courses are held on campus in Madison, OH. Unlike online courses or do-it-yourself videos, students at Fred’s Appliance Academy learn hands-on with contemporary appliances in a variety of shapes and sizes. Classes provide basic technical experience during which students learn about electrical circuits and plumbing and about the appliance-specific information. But there’s more than appliance repair to servicing appliances.

In Fred’s Appliance Academy courses, students learn to serve people. 

Effective appliance repair includes knowing how to represent yourself and your company to the people whose homes you’ll be entering. Through years of experience, the teachers at Fred’s have learned the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them by building customer relationships.

What specific appliances does Fred’s teach you to work on?

There are two courses of study offered. In the three-week course, students learn to work on several different styles of appliances.

  • At Fred’s Appliance Academy you’ll learn to work on refrigerators in the three contemporary styles: top-mount, side-by-side, and French doors. The different parts of the refrigerators are examined from the ice-maker and plumbing to the evaporator coils and sealed system.
  • Both electric and gas ranges are addressed and students learn how to switch a propane stove to natural gas. 
  • Students learn about the pumps and dispensers in dishwashers, how they work with electric or gas water heaters, and garbage disposals.
  • Top load and front load washing machines are on-site at Fred’s Appliance Academy so you can learn about everything from installation to troubleshooting, and repairs.
  • Fred’s Appliance Academy students learn about gas and electric dryers, diagnosing problems with the machines, and vent alternatives.
  • Instruction is given for checking microwaves for leaks and diagnosing problems if the unit will not heat or even if it won’t do anything at all.

In Fred’s two-week course, students work solely on refrigeration. They learn Defrost System Theory, Repair, and Diagnostics; Sealed System, Theory, Repair, and Diagnostics; and Ice Maker Operation, Repair, and Diagnostics.

How are classes taught?

Classes are taught by experienced technicians/teachers. While there is some classwork, mostly, Fred’s Appliance Repair Academy uses hands-on. There isn’t any other way to give students the practical skills they need for success in this field. The teachers are friendly and happy to share their knowledge and skills as well as their own particular “tools of the trade” they have acquired through personal experience. Alumni comment on how the classes are fun as well as informational and practical.

What tools do I need to bring to learn at Fred’s?

You won’t need to bring any tools or equipment for the class. Fred’s provides all the tools you’ll need.


Housing is free for all students. Two-bedroom flats are provided on campus. Students have their own private bedrooms and access to a full kitchen. By staying on campus, students are free to keep their focus on the course work. 

What certifications can I earn at Fred’s Appliance Academy?

Certification not only shows to others that you’re serious about what you’re doing, but it also prepares you with the confidence you need to build your career. The following certifications may be awarded from Fred’s:

  • AST, Institute of Appliance Service Technicians
  • National Appliance Service Technician Certification
  • EPA 608 Type I Certification

Other resources from Fred’s Appliance Academy

Employers and potential students have access to free, online appliance repair aptitude testing, a jobs board, and marketing information for appliance repair. There is also an online shopping environment for tools, testing equipment, and other merchandise and a newsletter.

To jumpstart your appliance repair career, further develop the skills you already have, or to get training for your employees, visit us online today.

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