Understanding the Differences Between Appliance Repair and Plumbing

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November 14, 2016

You have an emergency. Your dishwasher, refrigerator, or washing machine is leaking all over the floor. You need to do something, and fast. Who are you going to call?

Ghostbusters obviously cannot help you. But what about a plumber? There clearly seems to be an issue with your water pipes, so they should be able to help you, correct?

Not necessarily. It’s easy to conflate appliance repair with plumbing, particularly if the issue you’re experiencing is related to water or drainage. Two two, however, have very distinct differences that are important to keep in mind.

The Job of an Appliance Repair Professional

The core job duties of an appliance repair professional are in the title: this is an individual who, above all, is responsible for the health and functionality of any appliance in your home. That means taking care of anything from electrical issues to parts replacement, and, yes, plumbing problems associated with your appliance.

Your freezer may, for example, experience problems that range from dirty coils to a failing evaporator motor. It may require a defrosting, or the replacement of a thermostat. Analyzing the underlying problem, and fixing it reliably, all falls within the domain of an appliance repair professional.

Understanding a Plumber’s Expertise

Contrast the above with the responsibilities of a plumber. This professional specializes in anything related to the water and drainage systems in your home. Pipe repair, fixtures, any anything else related to your water supply and drainage pipes falls within a plumber’s responsibilities.

The above definition leads to two conclusions: plumbers are experts at anything connected with water, and they are not specialized to appliance repair. Both of these conclusions allow us to analyze more closely where the two professions differ.

What Should You Do?

Even the above two job descriptions do not yet answer the most important question of this post: when an appliance leaks, should you call a plumber or go with appliance repair instead? Here are the variables that can and should play into your decision:

  • Do you know the source of the leak? If it clearly comes from an appliance, then you absolutely should go with an appliance repair professional. In that case, you need someone with enough expertise to find and fix the exact source of the leak.
  • What is your budget? Working with appliance repair professionals is generally less expensive than calling a plumber.
  • What is the scope of the repair? Especially if the leak has begun to affect other parts of your appliance, such as your electricity, the repair job goes beyond a plumber’s expertise. Working with an appliance repair professional makes more sense.
  • What about your warranty? Some warranties specify the types of individuals allowed to open up and repair your appliance. If your appliance still has a warranty, going with an appliance repair professional is your safest bet.

In most cases, getting in touch with a professional that can showcase their expertise in appliance repair is your best, first option. If you need any plumbing services after that, your appliance repair partner can let you know.

Working With Professionals or Getting Your Own Training

Of course, regardless of which route you choose to take, you need to work with professionals who have proven expertise in their field and have worked with projects like yours in the past. Ideally, go with certified professionals in your area.

Alternatively, you can decide to get your own training. Not only will you be able to fix your problems as they come up, but you can also begin to earn some money with your own appliance repair services. To learn about our academy, and how we can help you succeed, contact us.

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