Max Fill Line on Your Washer Dispenser

Fred's Appliance Academy
September 25, 2021
Washer Training

A lot of other people ask me this question, yours was just the first that I happened to be able to find to respond to. But I see a lot of you guys saying that you always fill up to the max line in your detergent dispenser. Keep in mind, max is short for a maximum, which means that's the most detergent you should ever be putting in your machine for your maximum size loads. Your normal size loads are not maximum size so you shouldn't be filling up to the max line. When I say two tablespoons of detergent, that's two tablespoons maximum. For a lot of loads, you can get away with one tablespoon and it'll wash just fine. I can tell you this from professional and personal experience because that's how much I use with my laundry and I can assure you my clothes are clean and fresh. Never go above the max line and honestly use a little less.
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