Is Your Dryer Taking Too Long to Dry?

Fred's Appliance Academy
August 5, 2021
Dryer Training

This is the dryer, but it's also attached to a washer. The dryer does not dry. The dryer is-

Hey, Mercury. I'm so glad that you asked me this question, because I run into people who say that their dryer takes too long to dry all of the time. 

So I wanted to take the opportunity to explain to you why this might be happening, featuring my dryer, da, da, da, da. So for your dryer to dry properly, you only need three things; good heating, good tumbling, and good airflow. It's usually pretty easy to tell if your dryer is heating and tumbling, because of course you can open the door and you can see that that was tumbling, and I can feel that there's heat.

In regards to the airflow, you need to check two things; first thing would be the dryer lint filter. This is like the mouth, so if you don't remove the lint, your dryer can't breathe. If you're emptying the lint filter in between every single cycle, like you should be, the next thing to check is your venting. You want to make sure that your venting is as short a route to outside as possible, with as few bends as possible. And you want to make sure that the venting right behind your dryer there is not crushed or squished, because that's going to cut off airflow, and then your dryer can't push the hot, humid air out.

I hope that helps.

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