Bad Washer & Dryer Installs

Fred's Appliance Academy
July 27, 2021
Dryer Training

Hi, my name is Renae. I'm an appliance repair tech, and welcome to my new series called Bad Appliance Installations.

I'm going to show you some pictures of appliances and how they've been installed, and then I'm going to talk about why it's a bad idea to install them that way. Of course, we're going to start with washing machines and dryers.

This laundry room setup looks absolutely gorgeous. It would help keep things organized and make it really easy to fold and sort laundry. But here's why it's a bad idea to install your washer and dryer this way. First of all, you'll notice that the machines fit perfectly inside the custom built cabinets, which means if you ever have to replace the washer or dryer, you have to redo the entire room.

Secondly, there's no room around either of them. Every install that I've ever seen tells you you need a little bit of space around your dryer because otherwise it can overheat which can cause a house fire, or it can just make your dryer break. And that's not to mention how inaccessible the backs of these machines are, which makes them a little difficult to service.

This installation is every technician's worst nightmare. They gave the washer and dryer a little bit more room, but pulling either one of these machines out to service them would be really challenging and would require two people. Plus if your washing machine has an unbalanced load inside and shakes enough to walk itself forward, there's a real good chance it's going to walk right over the edge Thelma and Louise style. Please don't install your washer and dryer this way.

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