How to properly clean your glass cooktop on your range or oven

Fred's Appliance Academy
March 11, 2021

When servicing a cooktop with a customer complaint of discoloration, it’s important to understand that it’s extremely rare that the glass and the cooktop will ever discolor. The discoloration is almost always caused by wear and tear from pots and pans or spillage from food. Advise the customer to follow the cleaning instructions for their cooktop. In the instance that the cooktop has discolored, has a chip, crack, or is broken, there is no repair and the cooktop will have to be replaced.

Most blemishes on a cooktop can be removed with cleaner and a terrycloth. However, if this is not aggressive enough products such as Soft Scrub, Scotch-Brite pads, and even flat blade razors can be used to clean the cooktop without damaging it. Here we can see the difference between the clean and the uncleaned area by simply using cooktop cleaner and a terrycloth.

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