How to Repair an Electrolux Dryer Not Heating

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Check the Thermal Fuse The first component to check is the thermal fuse. The purpose of the thermal fuse is to stop the dryer from overheating. You can check and, if necessary, replace the thermal fuse by: Turning your dryer off at the wall and removing the plug. Locate the thermal fuse – you can find it on the blower … Read More

LG Microwave Noise? Here’s What to Do

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LG microwaves come with a range of different features to help you cook your favorite dishes. However, like all microwaves, over time parts can deteriorate or become dislodged, which can cause abnormal microwave noise. The type of noise, location it is coming from, and whether the heat is affected will help to diagnose the issue. If your LG microwave has … Read More

Testing an LED Bulb in a Refrigerator using only a Battery and some Wire

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Wondering if that LED in your refrigerator is faulty? Grab a couple pieces of scrap wire, a useless old battery, and let’s find out. Here we have a nine-volt battery that will no longer power my multimeter, but it still has a use. The battery itself is still putting out about 4.5 volts DC, which is ideal for testing refrigerator … Read More

KitchenAid Microwave Fan Not Working

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KitchenAid makes high-quality microwaves that draw on the company’s long experience with manufacturing home appliances. But sometimes machines do break, and when that happens, it helps to know what’s causing the problem and how to repair it.  If your KitchenAid microwave fan is not working, it could be one of many things. Check out our extensive list of possible causes … Read More

Common Maytag Freezer Problems (And How To Fix Them)

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Maytag is a popular American home appliance brand that makes a range of attractive freezer units. As with any product, however, problems can occur.  In this guide, we run through troubleshooting for a range of issues, including freezer not freezing, clicking sounds, freezers running all the time, and leaking water.  This guide covers the following Maytag freezer models:  MRT311FFFE MRT711SMFZ … Read More

Essential Steps For Troubleshooting Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator

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Sub-Zero is one of America’s most famous refrigerator brands, thanks to its legendary quality and appliance features.  However, units sometimes require fixes.  In this guide, we cover common troubleshooting and refrigerator repair procedures and methods. This guide applies to the following models:  Model 700TR Model 736TR Model 700TF(I) Model 736TFI Model 700TC(I) Model 736TCI Model 700BR Model 700BF(I) Model 700BC(I) … Read More

Why Your Dishes Are Coming Out of Your Dishwasher Wet

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When properly functioning and using a heated dry cycle, your dishes should come out of the dishwasher spotless and dry enough to put away. However, if recently they have started coming out covered in puddles and water droplets, it is time to troubleshoot because your dishwasher is having a problem. If you are wondering why your dishes are suddenly coming … Read More

The 9 Most Common Tools Needed for Appliance Repair

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Appliance repair involves a number of specialty tools. You may need a resettable fuse, condenser brushes, canned air, and calipers for specialty jobs – and there are more than a few specialty jobs to be done every year. However, the vast majority of appliance repairs can be performed with a short and common list of tools. Those who are unfamiliar with the … Read More

Why Isn’t Your Samsung Electric Dryer Working?

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There’s never a good time to have problems with your clothes dryer. As an appliance that’s used on a regular basis, you could soon be left with a lot of damp clothing if your clothes dryer were to suddenly stop working or have an issue. The good news is that if your Samsung clothes dryer isn’t working, we can talk … Read More

Why Your Whirlpool all-in-one Washer & Dryer won’t Spin

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So, your Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer from Whirlpool has stopped spinning, and you need a quick fix. While the manufacturer is regularly praised for its long-lasting products, problems with the drum are among the most common faults. While the combination of a washer and dryer in one unit is highly convenient, it can be a burden when problems like … Read More