Repair Business Management at Encompass

Encompass is hosting a Repair Business Management training course for service providers on April 25, 2019, from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST. The workshop is being led by both Alex Hallmark and Adam Butcher of Fred’s Appliance Academy. This is an interactive training session as Adam and Alex want to help business owners solve various administrative issues so come … Read More

Learn Appliance Repair to Start These 5 In-Demand Jobs

Whether starting out in the workforce or learning another trade, learning appliance repair creates excellent job opportunities for those interested. The good news is learning appliance repair can be accomplished in weeks or months and costs only a fraction of what a college degree does. Let’s discuss some of these opportunities by highlighting these 5 in-demand jobs available for those … Read More

Appliance Repair: A Recession-Proof Job

Choosing a career can be a daunting task. There are a wide variety of factors to take into consideration. It can be overwhelming to weigh all the elements like the cost of education, versus how much you can make both as a starting salary, and over time as you gain more experience in your field. Let’s face it, a college … Read More

Appliance Industry 2018 Q4 Results

Take a look at the following info from Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG to see how each performed in the last quarter. Whirlpool Q4 Statement Whirlpool Q4 Analysis Electrolux Q4 Statement Electrolux Q4 Analysis Samsung Q4 Statement Samsung Q4 Analysis LG Q4 Statement LG Q4 Analysis

8 Appliance Repair Tips for Improving the Customer Experience

Having good customer service and customer relationship skills will prove to be essential for the success of your appliance repair business. In a way, this is just as important as being an expert at repairing appliances. In this article, we’ll discuss some useful tips on how to provide a great customer experience. Listen and Be Respectful When customers call you … Read More

What’s the Best Way to Learn Appliance Repair and Earn Certifications?

For those interested in getting started in the appliance repair field, this question will undoubtedly come up. Whether the person is experienced or not, there’s always more to learn, including what certifications are needed and how to get started as a business owner or hired technician. In an effort to help, let’s discuss the benefits of attending a hands-on appliance … Read More

4 Reasons to Learn Appliance Repair

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Every set of skills has a certain amount of value, especially when these skills translate directly into job opportunities. If you like working with your hands and have an affinity for mechanical objects, few skills are more enjoyable and rewarding to learn than appliance repair. Many people learn appliance repair to start a lucrative repair career, many take repair classes … Read More

5 Customer Questions You Need to Have Answers To

Appliances aren’t the only thing you need to be prepared for when you start an appliance repair company. Here are five common questions you need to have verifiable answers to: 1. Do you have references? Appliance repair technicians, like most people in the service and repair industries, often have to fight against an unfair negative stereotype. There are a lot … Read More

Appliance Industry 2018 Q3 Results

Take a look at the following info from Whirlpool, Electrolux, Haier, Samsung, and LG to see how each performed in the last quarter. Whirlpool Q3 Statement Whirlpool Q3 Analysis Electrolux Q3 Statement Electrolux Q3 Analysis Haier/GE Q3 Statement Haier/GE New Offering Fell Flat Samsung Q3 Statement Samsung Q3 Analysis LG Q3 Statement LG Q3 Analysis

5 Advantages of Hands-On Appliance Repair Training

Classes are moving online. That includes classes for technical, manual skills. But while virtual learning can give you some of the basics, it’s no replacement for hands-on learning. Here are five reasons why you should tackle appliances in-person to learn the trade. 1. Pick up speed. Every job has a learning curve. When you’re just starting out, each step is … Read More