Meet Our Team

Instructor – Chad Phillipp

Chad has been working in the appliance service industry for over 13 years. He also has experience in both construction and manufacturing. Throughout his career, Chad has fine-tuned his training and coaching skills through developing new technicians in the field. With over a decade of experience repairing appliances and training technicians, as well as experience in other industries, Chad has a phenomenal understanding of appliances and a passion for teaching others. He also knows the importance of providing excellent customer service and has a focus on soft skills when training technicians. In his spare time, Chad likes to spend time with his family and teach his 3 year old son the tricks of the trade. He also likes fishing and camping and spending time outdoors. 


Director – Adam Butcher
Vice President of Fred’s Appliance

Adam has overseen Fred’s Appliance Academy operations since 2008. Adam's passion for the business keeps us on our toes as he encourages thinking outside the box and welcomes change.  Adam has had in excess of 20 years of exposure to the appliance industry.


  • Operations Manager of Fred’s Appliance, LLC 2002 - Current Warranty claims admin, contract negotiations, human resources, software implementation
  • Director of Fred’s Appliance Academy, LLC 2008 - Current.   Adam has assisted in growing our Academy to host students from virtually every state in the US.
  • Founder of Fluid Services, LLC 2017 - Current.  A marketing company geared towards the internet presence of field service companies
  • On site consulting - Adam has consulted in excess of 40 companies across the country.  He has assisted in implementing a paperless dispatch environment and general operations streamlining.

Has Served on the Following Industry Boards:

  • United Servicers Association 2010 - 2016 Served on the United Services Association board of directors
  • Whirlpool Factory Certified Care Council 2013 - 2015 Served on the Whirlpool Factory Certified Care Council
  • NEW / Asurion Advisory Council 2014 - 2015 Served on the Advisory Council for Asurion

Director of Student Services and Affairs – Jamie Lovejoy

Jamie oversees the day-to-day operations at the Academy and has been with us for seven years. She is is responsible for the overall functioning and performance of the Department of Student Services and Affairs. Under the direction of  the Director she provides day-to-day leadership and direction with respect to policies, practices, and compliance ensuring safety of students, and consistency of practice. She is responsible for ensuring quality standards, completing evaluations, handling complaints, grievances and appeals and performing other duties as needed. She has a degree Early Childhood Development – minoring in Human Resources Management and a CHEP certification in Admissions from NASSPS.


Marketing/Instructor - Alex Hallmark

Alex has worked in the industry since 2001 starting with Fred's Appliance Service.  While seeking a bachelors degree at Ohio State, Alex worked sales at Dayton Appliance Parts.

After graduating from Ohio State in 2007, Alex worked as a contractor for Electrolux Home Appliances creating repair training videos for their various products.

Alex than returned to the Cleveland, Ohio area and started selling appliances for Snow Bros. Appliance.  This brought Alex's journey full circle having a chance to work with a manufacturer, a parts distributor, an appliance dealer, and an appliance repair company.  Getting just enough exposure from each major area of the appliance industry.

Returning to Fred's Appliance and joining the Academy team, Alex handles all of the marketing along with managing the various websites under the Fred's Appliance name:

Working with appliance companies across the country, Alex identified a need for marketing and operations help, and along with Adam Butcher, founded Fluid Services.   Providing marketing and operations help for appliance repair companies across the country.


Founder – Fred Butcher

Fred founded Fred's Appliance in 1996 and it has grown to offer appliance repair to 6 different counties in northeast Ohio. 

Previously taught an appliance repair course at Lakeland Community College. Fred has received certification from Nastec.