How to Earn the Appliance Service Fundamentals (ASF) Exam

Institute of Appliance Service Technicians

How to Register for the Exam?

The ASF exam provided by the Institute of Appliance Repair Technicians (ioAST) is available online through an online proctor.  To register, visit the link below.

The following page will contain various resources for how Proctor U works along with a way to sign up for the exam. This will involve signing up for an account with Proctor U.

The field for Institute is the Institute of Appliance Repair Technicians

Where to Register for the Exam?

To take the exam, simply register for an account with Proctor U and schedule a date and time. This exam is proctored online using Proctor U. Each test taker is monitored online using a webcam and microphone allowing the test taker to take from nearly any recently built laptop.

This allows for a more convenient scheduling experience for the test taker. Each person can ensure they are ready to take the exam based around their own training while eliminating the need to lose productive hours traveling to a far-off test location.

Who is Proctor U?

How does Proctor U work?

Is there a fee to take the exam?

To take the ASF Exam, there is a fee of $60.  Each attempt is the same price.  A large portion of the fee goes to Proctor U allowing them to maintain the system to monitor test takers while ensuring there are plenty of staff available to proctor.  

Visit Proctor U Testing

Will my setup work?

How should I know?  Just kidding!  It's real easy to find out.  Once you are at the laptop or desktop computer you want to use to take the test.  Visit the link below.  

Allow Proctor U to have temporary access to your camera and microphone.  The browser will then verify if everything is set correctly before your test date.  Even if you run into issues during the test, Proctor U will work with you to resolve the issue if possible.  

Check Your Setup