While attending the three week course, each student will have the possibility to earn two nationally recognized appliance repair certifications.


Institute of Appliance Service Technicians

ioAST is working to improve the quality of appliance repair and service through testing and certification. Appliance Service Fundamentals is a new certification created in collaboration by the instruction staff at Fred’s Appliance Academy. Those who take the ioAST exam (as everyone does at the end of our training course) will be measured on their overall ability to handle the job of servicing major home appliances. By passing the exam, you’re proving that you have the knowledge, ability and the skills to do the job right.

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Once you pick up your ioAST certification, you’ll be ready to find work as a professional appliance service technician with a skill set that’s always in demand.


National Appliance Service Technician Certification

NASTeC is a voluntary certification program for technicians who service major home appliances. NASTeC exams measure the knowledge, ability and skills technicians need daily to do a professional job.

Just like with ioAST, we will help you prepare to pass the exam and receive a certification that will give you an extra edge when starting your career in appliance service.

Certified by Fred’s Appliance Academy

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