5 Reasons Why Appliance Repair is Recession-Proof

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If you’re looking to build a lifetime career, appliance repair is a profitable skill to have. Once you know how to repair everyday household appliances safely and professionally, every neighborhood is a potential source of business. There is always a demand for repairs to household appliances. People need stoves, fridges, and laundry machines. They need dishwashers and chest freezers. Repairing … Read More

Appliance Repair Requires More Than Just a Screwdriver

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Nearly every home today has appliances that massively reduce the time spent on mundane housework. However, just like any piece of technology, some of them will suffer wear and tear over time, hence requiring repair every now and then. Sometimes we think we are ready for these repairs, but when you reach into the toolbox, the only thing you find there … Read More

5 Appliance Repair Tips for Working with Tools

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When repairing appliances, you get many opportunities to try out your tools. Appliances are put together in all sorts of ways. Every brand does the design differently, even for seemingly identical machines. You will find opportunities to use nut drivers and Torx screwdrivers. You will pry open panels and unwind metal springs. You will even get to hit panels with … Read More

Learn Appliance Repair Skills And Launch Your Career Today!

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With job markets becoming more competitive all around the world, unemployment is growing, especially in the USA and Canada. However, the situation is not at all hopeless. You can still launch a career as an appliance repair technician. And it gets better; you can opt to be employed or set up your own business. But either way, you will have … Read More

Hot Surface Ignition in Gas Ranges

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Hey everyone. Tim with Fred’s Appliance Academy here with another great video for you today. Today’s topic, we’re going to be talking about gas ranges with hot surface ignition. In your ranges you’re going to have either a flat surface igniter here, which is a hot surface, it’s going to be flat. Ranges from three to three and a half … Read More

Appliance Industry 2019 Q4 Results

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Take a look at the following info from Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG to see how each performed in the last quarter. Whirlpool Q4 Statement Whirlpool Q4 Analysis Electrolux Q4 Statement Electrolux Q4 Analysis Samsung Q4 Statement Samsung Q4 Analysis LG Q4 Statement LG Q4 Analysis

[event CANCELLED-COVID-19] Full Scholarship being awarded at MSA Convention 2020

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We are excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for Fred’s Appliance Academy that will earn the winner a full-tuition scholarship for the three-week Diagnostic & Repair Foundations Course.  Tuition includes student housing for the entire three-week course. This scholarship will be awarded to one member of the Marcone Servicers Association in attendance at this March’s MSA Convention in Las Vegas, NV.  The scholarship is … Read More

Repairing a Top Load Direct Drive Washer

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Hey, what’s going on everyone? Tim with Fred’s appliance Academy. We’re here with another video for you. Today’s video, we’re going to focus on a top load direct drive washer, which is produced by Whirlpool. You’ll also find it under the Sears Kenmore brand as well as the Maytag brand. What we’re going to do is I’m going to show … Read More

How to Diagnose and Check a 120 Volt AC Wall Outlet

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Hey everyone. Tim with Fred’s Appliance Academy here with another great video for you today. In today’s video, we’re going to show you how to diagnose and check a 120 volt AC wall outlet in a customer’s home. Now, whether we’re checking the 120-volt outlets or we’re checking the 240-volt outlets, outlets and customer’s home electrical is the most overlooked, … Read More