Working With Tools: Keep Your Tools Ready For Use

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appliance repair tool box

Not everyone grew up around tools and not everyone can easily understand how to use certain tools. Some people have to work at a slow pace when it comes to using tools, but working with tools does not have to be complicated. There are some tips and advice that may be helpful to you whenever you may need to pull … Read More

Is Appliance Repair Training Part Of Your Next Career Move?

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washer repair training

If you are thinking about starting your career or changing your career and you are interested in appliance repair, then you should look no further. There is always going to be someone who needs to have an appliance repaired, and there is always going to be an appliance repair company looking to hire talented people to join their team. One of … Read More

Toolbox 101: 7 Hand Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

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Every home needs a well equipped toolbox. Whether you’re simply fixing a loose cabinet door or you’re repairing a faulty dryer, having a reliable set of tools to work with makes the job a little less taxing. Unfortunately, knowing which tools are a necessity and which ones aren’t isn’t always obvious. Luckily, filling your toolbox with the equipment listed below will … Read More

3 Reasons to Earn Technician Certification with Appliance Repair Training

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appliance repair training

Mechanically inclined people looking to acquire a specific trade have a great option as an appliance service technician. Appliances in the typical American household range from trash compactors to modern high-tech refrigerators. One thing appliances have in common is their need to be maintained and repaired every once in awhile. This provides mechanically inclined people with a career opportunity, and … Read More

OACCS Workforce Tuition Scholarship 2016

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The Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools is offering scholarships to assist individuals who plan on attending or who are currently attending a OACCS member participating school or college. The funds from this scholarship can only be used for tuition, fees, and supplies directly related to the cost of the education and/or training received. The following scholarships will be awarded for 2016: … Read More

Appliance Cooking Tips: How to Make a Roasted Eggplant Sandwich in Your Samsung Oven

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samsung appliances

Summer has arrived and with it comes the celebrated backyard BBQ. Although hot dogs and hamburgers are the norm at an outdoor shindig, as a host, you can’t forget to provide a vegetarian alternative for your non-meat eating friends. Keeping it simple does not have to mean a boring salad, instead put your Samsung range appliances to good use and … Read More

Appliance Repair Training Can Save You Money

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If you have never thought about getting involved in a career in the appliance repair industry, you have probably never thought about taking appliance repair training courses. After all, why would you? Actually, believe it or not, it can be smart to take these classes even if you aren’t planning on starting a business or looking for a job in the appliance … Read More

Appliance Repair Training: Are You Ready To Make A Move?

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Have you been thinking about a career change? Well, you do not have to think anymore. You can actually make it happen by choosing to seek appliance repair training. An appliance repair team is always looking for new people who are talented enough and flexible enough to work on various types of appliances. In order to become a great appliance … Read More

Appliance Repair Tool Box

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appliance repair tool box

Appliance Repair Tool Box As the busy summer season is upon us, Fred’s Appliance Academy would like to share a free service for appliance repair technicians nationwide. We get a lot of questions about what tools to buy and where to buy them at. We decided it would be great for the industry if we just created an interactive list … Read More

May 2016 class

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We are proud to announce our graduating May 2016 class!  We wish them all the best in their new career in appliance repair!