How To Troubleshoot And Resolve Common Hotpoint Washer Repair Issues

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January 12, 2021
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Hotpoint is one of the largest washer vendors in the US, thanks to the firm’s reputation for quality and appliance longevity. However, sometimes, you will encounter issues that you’ll need to troubleshoot. It is important that you deal with any problems as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your machine. 

In this guide, we discuss some common washer repair issues you might face and how to fix them. 

This guide covers the following Hotpoint washer models: 

  • WLW3500BBL
  • WLW3500BCL
  • WLW3600BCL
  • WLW3600BNL
  • WLW3600SALAD
  • WLW3600SALWH
  • WLW3600SBLAD
  • WLW3700BBL
  • WLW3700BCL
  • WLW3700BNL
  • HTWP1200D0WW
  • MTAP1000M1WW
  • MTAP1000M2WW
  • HTWP1200D1WW
  • WLW3500BNL
  • WLW3500RBL
  • WLW3600SBLWH
  • WLW3610SALWW
  • HTWP1400F2WW
  • MTAP1100F2WW
  • WLW3610SBLWW
  • WLW3700BAL
  • WLW3505BAL
  • WLW3505BBL

If your model isn’t mentioned here, don’t worry: there’s a good chance that the following repair instructions still apply. 

Resolve Drain And Pump Problems

If clothes are wet after a spin cycle or water won’t drain from the drum properly, the issue is likely your Hotpoint’s pump. It can often become blocked by hairs and other foreign objects over time. 

Here’s the fix: 

  1. Remove the bottom access panel at the base of the unit. 
  2. Place a tray on the floor next to the washing machine (or a large thick towel) to collect any water run-off underneath the drain. 
  3. Open the filter cover partially and allow the water to drain out in a controlled manner. Once the water stops flowing, pour the excess liquid you collect into the sink. 
  4. Then, fully remove the filter cover and inspect the filter unit itself.
  5. If you notice that it is covered in hair and gunk, remove it with your finger or use a small brush while rinsing under the sink, ensuring that you capture any debris in your waste strainer. 
  6. Next, put your finger inside the filter port and clean out any residual gunk in the machine or on the impeller. Check for hair clips, coins, and lint. 
  7. Replace the front access panel. 

Resolve A Smelly Washer

Washing machines are supposed to make clothes smell beautiful and fresh. But occasionally, they can turn bad. And when that happens, your clothes never smell quite right after a cycle. 

The primary causes of bad smells are detergent buildup and mold. 
Fortunately, there’s a fix: 

  1. Open your detergent drawer (usually at the top of the machine), and inspect it for grime. You’ll often find built-up leftover fabric softener and detergent. This is a problem because it provides a home for odor-producing bacteria. 
  2. If you notice residues, fully open the detergent drawer and then tip up upwards slightly to remove it fully from the washer. You shouldn’t need to force it. 
  3. Run the drawer under warm, soapy water and use an old toothbrush to remove any stubborn residue and mold. Then replace, leaving slightly open to prevent additional mold buildup. 
  4. Next, open the main door on the washer and check the door seal – the O-shaped rubber ring just behind the door. 
  5. The bottom of the door seal is a magnet for pooling water, mold, mildew, and other debris that can cause foul odors. After every wash, use a dry cloth to quickly mop up any excess water. 
  6. Next, run a hot service wash using a limescale and grease remover. Just like your dishwasher, oil and grime on dirty clothing can bung up the works and provide a substrate for organic matter to thrive. Pour the limescale and grease remover into your detergent drawer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then run the Hotpoint washer empty on a service cycle or hottest setting. 

Fixing A Wobbly Washer

Hotpoint designs washers to be stable when spinning at high speeds. However, sometimes they can become wobbly and unbalanced, leading to noise, wear and tear, and poor quality washes. 

You can usually tell if you have a wobble issue if your machine regularly walks forward out of its bay in your kitchen or utility room. Machines that aren’t flush with the floor require you to regularly push them back into place, which can become tiresome. 

Fortunately, if you’ve recently installed a new washing machine and noticed that it has a wobble, there’s a fix. Here’s what to do: 

  1. Turn off the washer at the mains. Unplug the machine from its water and electrical outlets and then pull it from its bay. (Note: Washing machines are heavy. If the weight is too great, avoid injury by either getting somebody else to help you or hiring a Hotpoint engineer to drag it out for you). 
  2. Fixing a wobbly washing machine is often much easier than many people expect. It involves adjusting the length of the feet at the bottom to match the contours of your flooring. 
  3. With the machine on its feet, push down on each corner to see if you detect a wobble. If some corners are easier to push down than others, extend the corresponding feet until the wobble stops. 
  4. To adjust the feet, tip the machine onto its side and then rotate them clockwise to extend them. Once you’ve done that, tip the washing machine back into the upright position to see if it is stable. If you can still wobble it by pressing down on the same corner, extend the corresponding foot a little more.
  5. Repeat this process until the washing machine no longer wobbles. You may have to adjust more than one foot. 
  6. Once stable, put the washer back in its bay and reconnect the water and power. 

Resolving Internal Data Problems

Modern Hotpoint washers rely on complex control circuits to facilitate their operations. Sometimes, though, these can fail. When they do, most Hotpoint washers will issue error code F18. 

To troubleshoot this issue: 

  1. Disconnect the appliance from mains power and leave it in the powered off state for at least two minutes. 
  2. Reconnect the power supply. 
  3. Wait a further 30 seconds and then try to start the machine again. 
  4. Watch for a repeat of the error code. If it appears again, contact Hotpoint repair services. 

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