Working With Tools: Using Hand Tools And Power Tools

Fred's Appliance Academy
September 13, 2017

Every year, there are thousands of emergency room visits by people who have injured themselves using hand tools and power tools. Many of the people who find themselves in the emergency room because they did not use the tools properly and/or they were not working safely. When hand tools and power tools are used correctly and when the safety guidelines are followed, you will be able to reduce the chances of any accident occurring.

Here are some safety tips you should keep in mind the next time you are using hand tools and power tools:

  • Make sure the tools you purchase are high-quality tools. If you want tools that will last for a significant amount of time, you should make sure the tools are made out of durable material.
  • Inspect your tools on a daily basis to make sure they are in good shape.
  • If you think your tools need repairs or maintenance, you should make sure this is taken care of as soon as possible.
  • When you are using the tools, you should not wear clothing that is loose. Loose clothing can easily get caught in the parts of your tools.
  • Wear protective equipment as needed, including goggles, gloves, etc.
  • Do not use a tool that is not appropriate for the project you are taking on. If you need to hammer something, you should not use pliers or a wrench.
  • If you do not need anyone around for the project you are taking on, you should make sure no one else is around. If someone is helping you, you should be cautious of where that person is when you are working with tools.
  • Make sure you secure the tools when you are not using them at that moment. You do not want a tool to fall from a particular area and hit someone.
  • Do not place tools in your pants pocket or jacket pocket. You should use a tool bag, toolbox, etc.
  • Purchase extra tools just in case the others become damaged.

Tips For Using Power Tools

  • When you use power tools, you should make sure the floors and other areas are not wet.
  • Make sure the cords are not on the floor because someone can easily trip and hurt themselves.
  • When you use a power tool, you should never carry the electrical tool by the power cord.
  • If your power tool is not equipped to handle any wet conditions, you should avoid using the tool.

Additional Safety Tips

  • Before you use a tool, you should make sure all the parts are there. Not only should you make sure the parts exist, you should make sure they are secured and working properly.
  • Protect your eyes at all times when you are using tools that can cause damage to the eyes, especially tools that are operated by gas or air under pressure.
  • If you are using an air gun, you should make sure you unload it before you store it.
  • Make sure your tools are being attended to at all times.

There are various guidelines and requirements when it comes to using tools. You should make sure you are fully aware of the hazards that are associated with the power tools and hand tools you are using. When you are aware of the hazards, you will be able to take the right safety practices so you can protect yourself.

We use tools because it gives us the opportunity to work efficiently, and it allows us to be more productive. However, tools can also result in serious injuries. When we are educated on tools, we will learn the right way and the wrong way to use them. Contact us today for additional information on safety precautions when working with tools of any kind.

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