Working With Tools The Correct Way

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January 18, 2017

Many people will shy away from home appliance repair projects because they have never repaired a home appliance before or they think they will have to spend an excessive amount of money on tools. If you do want to tackle a home appliance repair project, you can give yourself a chance to repair the project without using expensive tools.

However, regardless of what kind of tools you are using or how much the tools cost, you will need to know about safely working with tools. If you are thinking about trying to repair one of your home appliances, we want to make sure you are being as safe as possible.

Hand tools can be very dangerous, and you should make sure you keep yourself safe and anyone else who will be in the area. Some of the common injuries from hand tools can be caused by the following:

  • not using the right tool for the appliance you are trying to repair
  • using a tool that is broken
  • using the right tool, but not using it properly
  • not wearing safety glasses or any other safety equipment
  • distractions
  • working quickly to get the job done in a certain amount of time

Some of the common hand tool injuries are listed below:

  • bruises
  • cuts
  • open wounds
  • injuries to the eye caused by a flying or falling object

Aside from some of the common injuries, there are also some other injuries that can be more serious, including broken bones and severed fingers. Before you use a hand tool or any other tool, you should always remember the following:

  • Make sure no one else is around because there is a high chance he or she can get seriously injured
  • Do not attempt to work in a low light area; make sure the area is well-lit
  • Inspect the hand tools for breaks or cracks; you should avoid using any tool that may be damaged
  • If your tools are rusty or if you know the tool is too old to be used, you should not use that tool
  • Make sure the handles on your tools are secure; you do not want your hand tools to slip out of your hand while you are using it

Your Safety Equipment

When you are using hand tools, you should make sure you are wearing the proper safety equipment. If you want to avoid eye injuries and other bodily injuries, you should wear safety glasses or goggles and the appropriate clothing.

You should wear pants that are long and shirts that have long sleeves so you can avoid injuries to the body. The pants and shirts you wear should not be loose-fitting because this can result in your clothing getting caught by one of your tools. If your hair is long, you should make sure you cover your hair and tie it back.

Working Safely

If a tool is too heavy for you to use, you should avoid using that particular tool. You should make sure you plant your feet as firmly as possible while you are using the tool. If you find yourself in a difficult position, you should avoid using a tool until you are in a firm position.

If you find yourself getting tired or frustrated, you should take breaks. Do not be in a rush to get the appliance repaired. If you want the job done the right way, you will need to take breaks so you can avoid getting tired, and you will also want to avoid hand and wrist injuries.

Are you getting ready to tackle an appliance repair project at home? Contact us today for more advice on working with safety tools.

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