Soldering a Steel to Copper Connection – Refrigeration Training

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Hello everyone. Tim with Fred’s Appliance Academy. Here today showing a video. We’ve had a lot of requests over the last few weeks here. Some technicians out there having some trouble soldering a filter drier, which is steel to copper, or a steel-to-copper fitting on a compressor. Getting a lot of leaks, or they’re getting restrictions because they’re filling it … Read More

Hands-On 2-Week Refrigeration Course

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Fred’s Appliance Academy is excited to announce a new two-week refrigeration course! This course will cover topics from temperature and defrost issues to electronic controls, including the inverter board. The course will also teach students how to determine if an issue is related to the unit’s sealed system. Two weeks of refrigeration training will allow students to learn more about … Read More

Lokring Training Added to Our Courses

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whirlpool lokring

With the release of r600a refrigeration products, our Academy team has been hard at work trying to learn the best and most productive methods when conducting sealed system training.  We are excited to announce that we have added Lokring training to our courses moving forward.    This is not to replace our current training methods, we are just adding it to the … Read More