If you can Work on HVAC, You Are Prepared to Repair Appliances

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ven If you currently work with HVAC systems, but you are looking to grow your knowledge and your abilities, then it’s a great choice to move into appliance repairs. There are many skills that translate into appliance repair, and you can always further your education to make you capable of adding appliance repair to your skillset. As a result, you … Read More

Getting The Best Possible Appliance Repair Training

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If you are looking for a top notch education in appliance repair training, you need to know what to look for. Working with appliances means that you need to have a good core of knowledge in order to successfully perform your job. When you work in this industry, you know that you’ll be helping people and many companies are hiring across … Read More

Do You See Appliance Repair Training In Your Future?

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Being a part of the appliance repair industry will mean you will have many opportunities to experience a variety of jobs. The appliance repair industry involves many different people, areas, and problems. There are many potential benefits of working in the appliance repair industry, whether it is for household appliance repairs or commercial appliance repairs. Receiving appliance repair training can … Read More

2017 Course Schedule

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We at Fred’s Appliance Academy hope that everyone had a productive 2016!  We are jumping into 2017 with both feet as we continue our goal of training as many technicians as possible to solve our technician crisis. With a new year comes a new course schedule so book now while seats are still available!  Feel free to contact us with … Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Appliance Repair and HVAC Repair

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When you think about the service industry there are many different professionals and professions to consider. For example, you may be wondering: if one of my appliances breaks,  what service should I call; appliance repair or HVAC repair? Here are the key differences in the field. Appliance Repair When you call someone in the appliance repair field, they are highly trained and qualified to … Read More

Is Appliance Repair Training Part Of Your Next Career Move?

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washer repair training

If you are thinking about starting your career or changing your career and you are interested in appliance repair, then you should look no further. There is always going to be someone who needs to have an appliance repaired, and there is always going to be an appliance repair company looking to hire talented people to join their team. One of … Read More

3 Reasons to Earn Technician Certification with Appliance Repair Training

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Mechanically inclined people looking to acquire a specific trade have a great option as an appliance service technician. Appliances in the typical American household range from trash compactors to modern high-tech refrigerators. One thing appliances have in common is their need to be maintained and repaired every once in awhile. This provides mechanically inclined people with a career opportunity, and … Read More