How Long Does the Water Filter in a Samsung Refrigerator Last?

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August 9, 2022
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Having fresh filtered water available on hand has become the norm in a lot of houses thanks to fridges like the Samsung range that offers filtered water. It can be easy to forget that the endless supply of fresh, clean water is not actually endless and depends on the filter in your refrigerator.

Types of Samsung water filters

Samsung has three types of water filters available. You will want to make sure you’re choosing the correct one when you go to replace it. The filter you need will depend on your fridge as it varies depending on the model.

There are two places you can find your model number on your fridge. There should be a sticker with the model and a serial number of your unit located on the outside on the lower left side. The other spot is another sticker inside your fridge on the wall above the top shelf.

Once you have your model number, you will be able to figure out which filter you need by Googling it or asking the Samsung help desk. 

Alternatively, you can look in your user’s manual or take your old filter into a store and ask one of the team to help you find a replacement. 

Benefits of filtered water 

Filtered water is a great way to ensure the water you are drinking is clear of heavy minerals, bacteria, and other contaminants that can get picked up in your pipes. 

Here are some of the main benefits of drinking filtered water. 

Filtered water is chlorine-free

Filtering your water helps to remove the majority of the chlorine found in your tap water. While chlorine is used to clean water of impurities, in large amounts, it can have a negative impact on your health. 

No metals or minerals

While the water is being transported via pipes, it can pick up impurities like sediment, mold, dirt, and rust. While it may only be in trace amounts, it can build up over time. Filtered water helps to keep your drinking water free from these things. 

Better taste and smell

A lot of people notice a big difference in the smell and taste of filtered water when compared with non-filtered water. If you have a sensitive nose, then you may prefer filtered water. 

Removes bad bacteria

There are thousands of microorganisms in your water supply, some of which can have negative impacts on your health. What has been filtered has had these microorganisms taken out. 

Why you need to change your refrigerator water filter

While it is common knowledge changing your water filter regularly is important to maintain the health benefits in your drinking water, it is also important for other reasons too. If you use the same water filter for too long, it will eventually no longer be able to filter out debris and other contaminants.

If bacteria and minerals are getting past the filter, you will start to notice the refrigerator water tastes funny and your ice smells bad. Eventually, the filter will clog, which can lead to other issues in your fridge, including a lowering in ice production and reduced water pressure from the dispenser.

How often should you change your water filter?

A general rule of thumb encouraged by most manufacturers is to change your refrigerator water filters at least every six months. This is a general guide and there are many factors that contribute to the frequency of water filter replacement.

Some of these include your water quality and water hardness. How often you are using the water dispenser, and ice maker will also affect how quickly your water filter fills up. 

Signs you need to change the filter

If you aren’t sure when the last time your refrigerator water filter was changed, there are a few things you can look out for that will indicate when it’s time to replace it:

  • The water from your fridge smells bad 
  • The ice from your fridge smells bad
  • The water from your fridge tastes bad 
  • The ice from your fridge tastes bad 
  • Water dispenser pressure is low
  • Ice maker is slow making ice 
  • The ice maker is no longer making any ice 

If you notice any of these common signs of a clogged or old water filter, then it needs to be replaced.

How to change a refrigerator water filter

Once you know it is time to change the filter, you should get onto it asap. It is very easy to do, so there are no excuses for it to be off. While the steps needed depend on the make and model, Samsung has made it pretty easy and the basic steps are all about the same. 

  1. Purchase a replacement Samsung filter. You can check in your refrigerator owner’s manual or look it up online to find the right filter. 
  2. Locate the water filter using the owner’s manual
  3. Pull your fridge out from the wall and use the water supply valve to shut off the water supply completely. 
  4. Remove the old filter. Depending on the model and brand, you will either need to push the release button or twist the filter about a quarter turn and pull the filter out to free it. 
  5. Insert the new filter. Twist in the new filter or simply push it into place. Again, this will depend on the water filter housing.
  6. Turn the water supply back on. Turn the valve to the ON position and push your fridge back into place.

Once your water filter has been replaced, you can try it and check if it is working as it should. You should also throw out any old ice that has been made prior to changing the water filter so it is not mixed in with the fresh ice accidentally.

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