Why Your Hotpoint Freezer Is No Longer Freezing

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August 10, 2020

To the non-technical person, freezers seem like complicated units capable of doing something quite extraordinary – lowering temperatures below that of the surrounding. Happily, though, they work on elementary principles. Hotpoint freezer repair usually involves replacing broken or defective parts or doing simple troubleshooting

This guide will cover the following Hotpoint freezer models and related products from the brand:

  • HQ9 B1L
  • HQ9 E1L
  • H9T 921T KS H
  • H7T 911T KS H
  • H7T 911T MX H
  • H7T 911A KS H AQUA
  • H7T 911A MX H AQUA
  • H5T 811I MX H
  • DC 85 N1 G
  • DC 85 N1 W
  • H3T 811I OX
  • H3T 811I W
  • H8 A1E SB UK.1
  • H8 A1E W UK.1
  • H8 A1E SB WTD UK.1
  • FFU4D.1 K
  • LAL85 FF1I W WTD.1
  • HM 7030 E C AA O3.1

Common Reasons Why Your Hotpoint Freezer No Longer Freezes

Freezers can stop freezing (or generate readouts that make it appear as though they’ve stopped working), for the following reasons: 

  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Frosted over coils
  • Main control board malfunction
  • A defective temperature control thermostat
  • A faulty user control board
  • Defective compressor unit
  • A sealed system leak
  • Problems with the start relay
  • Issues with the evaporator motor fan

Let’s take a look at each of these problems in sequence and describe what you can do to fix them.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Hotpoint make freezers with both external and internal condenser coils. The interior variety shouldn’t require regular cleaning since the shroud of the unit prevents the accumulation of dirt and grime. However, exterior types have a habit of collecting dust, lowering their capacity to dissipate heat and reduce interior temperatures. If you notice that your freezer coils look dirty, unplug your machine and wipe off any dust with a duster or a cloth. If they feel sticky or greasy, use a damp sponge with a decreaser to lift off the scum. 

Frosted Over Evaporator Coils

Sometimes your freezer evaporator coils can frost over. Usually, this occurs when there is a problem with the defroster heater – a device that prevents the buildup of frozen water on the surface of the coils. 

Hook the defroster heater up to a multimeter and check for continuity. The current flow through the unit should be continuous while the freezer unit is switched on. Lack of continuity could indicate problems with electrical connections, fuses, switches, and wiring elsewhere in the appliance. 

If you discover that continuity is an issue, you may need to replace the entire defrost heater unit. 

Main Control Board Malfunction

Main control boards on Hotpoint freezers provide all the circuitry required to adjust temperatures and settings. The brand supplies an extensive range of different boards, depending on your model. 

Mainboard issues can cause a freezer to stop freezing, but problems are uncommon. If you’ve ruled out other items on this list, you can replace the mainboard with a new one to see whether that fixes the issue. 

A Defective Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat measures the temperature in the freezer and uses what it learns to change the voltage supplied to the condenser fan motor, evaporator fan motor, and compressor. When thermostats malfunction, they can’t assess temperatures accurately. Therefore, they can’t send instructions to the components to chill the freezer to the required level. 

If you suspect a defective thermostat, turn it from the lowest setting to the highest. On Hotpoint models, you should hear a click as components in the rest of the appliance kick into action. 

If you don’t hear any sound or see the machine responding, then you’ll need to take a multimeter and test the thermostat for continuity. If the thermostat doesn’t have continuity, you should replace it. 

Defective Compressor Unit

Compressors are just pumps that circulate refrigerant through the condenser and evaporator coils. When they stop working, heat exchange comes to a halt, and freezers can’t cool down. 

Compressors can fail on modern Hotpoint machines, though this is rare. Often, other defective parts are causing the issue. Before replacing or repairing the compressor, check other components such as the evaporator and condenser coils, and the evaporator fan motor. 

If those components appear to be working well, then test the compressor itself by attaching your multimeter to the electrical connector pins on either side. If you detect an open circuit, then the compressor is probably defective and needs swapping out for a new one. (Please note that only licensed technicians should replace compressors). 

A Sealed System Leak

If your freezer freezes on the top shelf but nowhere else, you may have had a sealed system leak. Replacing a sealed system usually costs more than the freezer unit itself, making replacement cost-prohibitive. In this case, you may have to replace your entire Hotpoint freezer. 

Problems With The Start Relay

The start relay in a freezer is a device that switches the compressor on and off. When it doesn’t work correctly, it doesn’t supply energy to the compressor in sufficient quantities or at the right time. Thus, if the compressor doesn’t work, the freezer won’t cool at all. 

If you think there’s an issue with your start relay, unplug your freezer from the mains and detach it from the compressor. As with other electrical components described above, use a multimeter to test for continuity between both terminals on the relay. Furthermore, smell the unit. If you detect a burning odor, replace it. 

Problems With The Evaporator Motor Fan

Evaporator motor fans are critical for the heat exchange that makes refrigeration possible. Their job is to circulate air through the coils in the freezer, removing excess heat. 

Most Hotpoint models disengage the evaporator motor fan when you open the door. If you suspect a problem with your fan, try pressing the freezer door microswitch that operates the fan and keep the door open. The freezer should detect a rise in temperature and tell the fan to start spinning. If it doesn’t respond, you may need to replace it. 

Please note that readouts on the user display board may not be accurate if sensors or internal circuits have failed. 

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