Why Repair Tech Pros Attend Fred’s Appliance Academy Courses

Fred's Appliance Academy
November 25, 2019

It might surprise you to learn that not every student who attends Fred’s Appliance Academy is learning appliance repair for the first time. Every now and then we get an old appliance tech pro in the classroom with some very good reasons for being there. After all, appliance repair is hardly a static industry. While there are some old washers, dryers, and fridges out there that are 20 years old, new models and repair techniques are also coming out every few years.

Whether you’re an old hand at appliance repair or a new tech curious about the pros in class with you, today we’re diving into the reasons why appliance tech pros often come through our doors, get involved in the courses, and stay in the Flats. 

1) Brush Up on Your Skills and Expand Your Expertise

Just because an old pro has been in the industry for ages doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to learn. Many appliance technicians learned in the field and on the appliances common in their neighborhood. You may also have spent some time doing things other than appliance repair as new appliances were marched off the production line. Old hands often come to brush up on their skills with weeks of concentrated practice and applied troubleshooting to hone your abilities back to a knife’s edge. Our focused courses also give old pros a chance to expand their expertise with refrigerators specifically. 

2) Renew Your Certifications

Most clients today want to see your certs. You could be the hottest appliance technician in your state but without current certifications, a business can flag. Fred’s Appliance Academy proudly offers certification to appliance techs who have just learned the skills and those who’ve come to show off their expertise and get recertified quickly while hanging with the other course attendees in the Flats and classrooms. 

3) Get Acquainted with the Latest Appliance Technology

Whenever you learned your original repair skills, appliance technology is ever-changing. The latest models of washer/dryer have buttons instead of dials and the latest models of the refrigerator can include tablets and cameras for smart grocery management. If your skills are excellent for older models but the new stuff is making life harder, it’s time to come back for a quick re-up on the latest appliance repair techniques.

With in-depth and hands-on class time, your skills will soon be up to par with the computer-driven new appliances that are hot today and bound to be commonplace tomorrow. 

4) Take a “Working Vacation” with Other Appliance Techs

If your job pays for in-line training, certification renewal, and skill refinement, then Fred’s is a great place to spend that complementary training time. Here at Fred’s Appliance Academy, we have a dedicated dorm of apartments just for the teams taking one-to-three week classes within a short walk of the classrooms.

You can hone your skills and renew your certs during the day, then kick it in the Flats with your fellow technicians during off-hours for a working vacation that can’t be beaten. Share pizzas, swap notes and tips, and generally have a great time brushing up on your skills. 

5) Swap Stories And Solutions for Unusual Repairs

Then, of course, there’s the undeniable value of meeting up with appliance technicians from all over the country (and sometimes all over the globe) to swap stories, tips, and solutions for the really unusual repairs you have seen. Chat with the instructors and other old-hands about the bizarre post-DIY repairs you’ve had to do and the off-textbook problems that pop up in real-life situations. Awe the new guys with your own wild stories and learn a few things you didn’t know from the wild tales of others.

—Ready to sign up for a recertification or skills brush-up at Fred’s Appliance Academy? Contact us today to book your course and your space in the Flats. We’ll look forward to seeing you here!

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