What’s the Best Way to Learn Appliance Repair and Earn Certifications?

Fred's Appliance Academy
December 21, 2018

For those interested in getting started in the appliance repair field, this question will undoubtedly come up. Whether the person is experienced or not, there’s always more to learn, including what certifications are needed and how to get started as a business owner or hired technician. In an effort to help, let’s discuss the benefits of attending a hands-on appliance repair course and earning certifications. 

Choices for Becoming an Appliance Repair Technician

 There’s not just one path to follow when it comes to becoming an appliance repair technician; here are the main paths: 

 First, let’s discuss what certifications we’re talking about. The only required certification for appliance repair technicians is the EPA refrigerant handling certification; other certifications are simply helpful for technicians to get hired, attract business, and be more knowledgeable.

For instance, there are certifications for completing appliance repair courses (whether online or hands-on classroom), and there are nationally recognized certifications offered by industry trade associations. Certifications are earned by taking an exam and/or completing an appliance repair course. 

Why Attending a Hands-On Course by a Private Appliance Repair School is the Best Option

 Each person’s situation is different, yet this is the best option for most people interested in getting started as an appliance repair technician, here are some reasons why: 

These are some of the reasons why taking a hands-on course at a private appliance repair school is the best option for most people interested in becoming an appliance repair technician. This option brings the most benefits when it comes to learning how to repair the wide variety of appliances technicians will face in the field, learning what tools are needed and how to use them most effectively, and getting the certifications needed to either start an appliance repair business or be employed by an established company.

Taking an online course doesn’t offer the hands-on experience needed to become competent with the many tools and repairs technicians will use and encounter from day-to-day, and learning through self-study doesn’t offer the structure or bring the comprehensive understanding needed to confidently know how to repair appliances. 

Learn Appliance Repair and Earn Certifications at Fred’s Appliance Academy

One of the best private appliance repair schools available is Fred’s Appliance Academy. Through 1 to 3-week courses, students can learn how to repair any appliance with hands-on experience in a small classroom setting while having the option to stay nearby in free student housing.

Once students pass their respective course, they’ll receive certification reflecting this; they’ll then have the option to earn two nationally recognized certifications: 

  • Appliance Service Fundamentals Certification
  • National Appliance Service Technician Certification

Graduates can also buy the appliance repair tools needed to get started (with their own business or as an employee) at Fred’s Appliance. All of this for about as much as students pay for one semester of college (the 3-week course). 


For those interested in starting a career as an appliance repair technician, going to a private school that offers hands-on training and certification is the best option available. This option provides the structure for students to focus and condense their studies while equipping them with the knowledge, tools, certifications, and experience needed to get started successfully in this lucrative career field.

When it comes to the best option for private appliance repair schools, Fred’s Appliance Academy has the most to offer. If interested in learning more please contact us today.


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