What Do I Need to Attend Fred’s Appliance Academy?

Fred's Appliance Academy
September 9, 2019

If you’ve been thinking about learning appliance repair at Fred’s Appliance Academy, let us first say that you are more than welcome to join the classes. We hold regular one week to three-week courses based on the type of appliance repair you’d like to learn and anyone can join in. Between scholarships for tuitions and on-campus housing, we can ensure that no matter where you’re coming from or heading to, Fred’s Appliance Academy can be a worthwhile stop to learn a few recession-proof skills.

But you may be wondering what is required to join a class, and what you will need before you arrive for your first course. This is exactly what we’re here to share today. You don’t need much to join an Academy class and if you contact us ahead of time, we may be able to help you source anything that you don’t yet have.

1) Laptop Computer

The biggest requirement for Fred’s Academy students is a laptop computer. You need a device with a keyboard that can access the internet and take notes. For those of you paying attention, you’re right. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a laptop. A high-speed tablet with a keyboard and wifi connection can often work just as well. But you will need some kind of portable device to work with, and it needs to be larger than a phone.

Your laptop or keyboard-equipped tablet will come with you to class and will be essential for completing coursework as we go along. 

2) 18 Years of Being Alive

You also need to legally be an adult. In order to safely attend our academy, we need each student to be at least 18 years of age. Anyone 18 or older may attend. If your 18th birthday is coming up, talk to us about scheduling a course soon after you turn 18. 

3) An Accessible Email Address

Next, you will need an email address that you can access from anywhere. This is necessary to sign up for the student portal and to access the shared cloud documents that are used as part of the coursework. If you do not yet have a universal email address, it’s easy to make a Gmail address and these are always available everywhere. Make sure you have at least one accessible email address before classes begin. 

4) Photo ID and Payment Card

Each student will need two cards: A photo ID and a credit card. The photo ID is so we can be sure that the right person is showing up for class, the person who signed up for the coursework online. Believe it or not, fraudulent appliance academy attendance can happen.

The credit card is used the same way as hotels to, in case of damages or unexpected expenses that occur on-campus. Don’t worry, there are no hidden fees. We just need to have a card on record. The name on the credit card will also help is verify your identity. 

5) Arrival and Departure Transportation

If you’re staying in Fred’s Flats, you won’t need a car during your stay but there is plenty of parking if you have one. For students who don’t have their own car, or who are flying in without a car, all you need is arrival and departure transport at the beginning and end of your coursework. The Flats are a 3-minute walk from the classrooms.

We advise you to stop at a grocery store on your way in and/or get acquainted with the pizza and takeout options nearby. Students are encouraged to pool their pizzas and notes after class in the Flats. 

What You Don’t Need to Attend

As a quick wrap-up, we’d also like to highlight what you don’t need in order to attend Fred’s Appliance Academy.

You do not need a car for the one to three weeks that you’ll be studying our coursework.

You do not need nearby housing or a hotel room, and we encourage students to live in the Flats to enhance your focus and study opportunities.

And finally, you do not need a phone. So anyone who doesn’t have a fancy phone or is flying in from another country where phones aren’t as widely used, don’t worry. 

Attending Fred’s Appliance Academy is something we’ve tried to make as easy and immersive as possible. Contact us today to find out more about learning appliance repair on-campus and surrounded by fellow appliance students ready to dive right into a new set of skills.

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