Seven Reasons Appliance Repair is a Great Retirement Skill

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June 24, 2019

Retirement is an interesting time in anyone’s life. You’re done working, but you’re not done living. Many people go on retirement vacations, pick up new hobbies, or try a second or third career to shake things up during the retirement years. Many settle into homeownership or take off on a long-term RV adventure. Amongst the more enjoyable retirement plans is a certain amount of self-sufficiency.

So even if you didn’t learn to repair appliances before retirement, now is the perfect time to learn. Not only is an appliance repair an enjoyable hobby to take up, but it’s also a useful and practical skill that can fulfill more than a few of your retirement desires. Join us as we explore the six best reasons to learn appliance repair as a fun retirement skill.

Reduce the Cost of Home Ownership

First and, for many, the most important is the cost of living and homeownership. In retirement, your goal is to coast on your predetermined income as smoothly as possible, which means no surprise expenses like a costly dishwasher repair or — worse — a replacement. With the appliance repair skills, you can make your home machinery last years longer and fix it when it breaks down to avoid additional repair service costs.

Maintain Your Favorite Old Appliances

Then there are the appliances that you are personally attached to. You may have finally found the oven that has all the right bells and whistles or a washing machine that is just right, but there’s a catch. They don’t make your favorite model anymore. With appliance repair, you are much better equipped to keep your old favorite appliances in great working order so you won’t have to replace them.

Safe Tinkering Hobby

Tinkering is also a fantastic traditional hobby for retirees. There’s something alluring about taking apart an old gadget or appliance to see what kind of wiring and chips are inside. Appliance repair involves exactly these skills and more than just how to turn a screwdriver. You can learn how to tinker carefully by always following industry standard safety protocol and learning how to recognize certain parts or fasteners when you need them.

If you already enjoy tinkering or thin you might take up tinkering in your retirement, learning appliance repair is a wonderful way to get started and to stay safe during your tinkering days.

Always Have Available Side Jobs

There is always someone in the neighborhood in need of a washer, dryer, dishwasher, or cooktop repairs. And once learned, you will always have the skills to be of help. As a retiree, you may want to find a side job, a second career, or just a few quick favors you can do in return for pocket money or favors in return. Appliance repair is a great way to ensure that there’s always both official a sharing economy work waiting for you to find it close to home.

Manage and Repair Investment Houses

Many retirees have put some time and savings into investment homes, residential houses that are rented to local families. Keeping these homes in good condition is part of an investment owner’s responsibilities as a landlord. But with appliance repair skills, you will need to call for maintenance services a fraction of the time. Instead, you can take care of repairs and maintenance servicing yourself when a tenant calls with a broken or misbehaving appliance.

Fix Appliances for Your Younger Relatives

If you enjoy doing favors for your relatives and generally getting your hands up inside a problem, appliance repair is great for that, too. There’s no better holiday gift than fixing your grown children’s washing machine while visiting in the winter. Or repairing your niece’s dishwasher when wishing her well on a post-college job. Being a grandparent in the family has its privileges which you can increase by doing repairs during your visits.

Full-Time Road Warrior with Confidence.

Finally, there are retirees that gleefully hit the road for some full-time RV adventures. Living your life in an RV can be exciting and freeing, but it also involves a lot of personally provided maintenance. By learning appliance repair, you will be far better equipped to keep your entire RV system in good repair from the AC to the kitchen sink.—For more on learning appliance repair skills in a fast and enjoyable hands-on environment, contact us today!

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