One Week Refrigerator Training

Fred's Appliance Academy
September 16, 2016

Fred’s Appliance Academy has one week refrigerator training available this December!  Based on the feedback from the appliance industry, refrigeration training is in high demand and we wanted to offer an option to help meet that demand.  Just like our flagship three week course, housing is provided.  We also provide the tools needed during our hands-on lab session.  This is a basic refrigeration course but we also dabble with some advanced theory at the end of the one week course.

The one week course covers the basic principles of refrigerator repair. This includes:

  • Defrost System Theory, Repair, and Diagnostics
  • Sealed System Theory, Repair, and Diagnostics
  • Ice Maker Operation, Repair, and Diagnostics (Time Permitting)
  • Hands-on training

Each student will take a comprehensive exam at the end of the week that will cover all of the course material.

Defrost System Theory, Repair, and Diagnostics

We teach the core components involved in defrost systems across all brands and discuss common issues that can cause a refrigerator to stop cooling. This includes understanding the differences between a defrost issue and a sealed system issue.

We will show the student how to use their volt meter to test many of the components found in the defrost system. Along with understanding the basics of how to read a wiring diagram for a refrigerator.

Sealed System Theory

The student will learn how a sealed system works in a number of different ways to encourage the student to understand the entire process.

We start out discussing the flow of electricity to the compressor and how to check for issues with different types of relays and capacitors.

Each student will get a torch in hand and go through brazing and soldering exercises. Then we follow up with each student conducting their own sealed system repair in our refrigeration lab. We also discuss our own techniques in diagnosing a sealed system issue to ensure the most accurate diagnosis. The student will need their EPA Certification prior to the start of class.

Dual Evaporator Models

As a class, we will also dive into dual evaporator models and discuss the proper steps in replacing an evaporator. We will also apply these principles as a group in our lab.  We will look at Kitchenaid and Samsung designs during this exercise.  

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