Student Traveled Halfway Across the World to Attend Our Course

Fred's Appliance Academy
October 19, 2016

When Fred founded Fred’s Appliance Academy back in 2008, he never could have imagined that our training would be in such high demand that students would travel halfway across the world to attend our courses.  We can now proudly say we are a training facility that serves a global market.  While we have had international students from Canada and Bermuda, the students have all come from the Western Hemisphere.

Antonio Constantino lives in Equatorial Guinea, which is a country in central Africa.  Antonio has been trying to attend our three week course for the last few years but has had to rely on his company to send him.  After some time passed and his company’s budget lined up enough to afford paying for training, Antonio was off to Madison, Ohio.  It’s not his first time visiting the United States, but Antonio still relies heavily on his native language, Spanish.  Our staff does not speak Spanish, but our instructors try their best to work with students who struggle with the English language to ensure that they are getting the technical concepts.  As he finishes the third week of one of our Basic Appliance Repair courses, Antonio is getting the basic concepts that apply to appliance repair.

The location of Equatorial Guinea

The location of Equatorial Guinea

Antonio’s company is primarily a maintenance provider that manages various properties, but appliances fall into that category.  A few years ago, he was tasked by his company to find a place to get training on appliances, in hopes that this would lead to a better success rate when working on these products.  He found us online and made a strong push to be sent to Ohio for appliance repair training.  When he finishes his time with us, he will be sent home and immediately put his new skills to the test.   We always recommend that a student rides with a veteran technician for a few more months after attending our course, but Antonio will not be afforded that luxury.  Based on his success, he anticipates more of his co-workers being sent to Ohio for training.

We are so proud and excited that our training has reached a global scale and the experience our instructors have had with international students like Antonio has helped us to understand the needs of a global workforce as we continue to adapt and improve our teaching methods.  In this class alone, besides Antonio, we have two other students that live outside the 50 states.  One being from Quebec and another from the Virgin Islands.

The bottom line is Antonio’s company could have sent him nearly anywhere in the world to get appliance repair training and it led him to a small town on the shores of Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio.  He arrived with the hopes of becoming a better technician and he leaves with a greater level of confidence in his own skills to repair appliances in the field.   That’s the return you can expect when you invest in the quality training that we provide whether you are a service company or an individual looking to change careers.

If you want to learn more about how our training can help you, feel free to reach out to our team and we will be happy to answer any questions.


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