A New Career in Three Weeks? You Betcha.

Fred's Appliance Academy
April 23, 2018

A new career in three weeks sounds a lot like a gimmick of some kind. There are probably many other companies where such a claim would be exactly that – a gimmick, some way of getting you to sign up for 6 months of training or books or webinars or whatever. Not so with Fred’s Appliance Academy. With our academy, you spend three weeks hands-on, learning how to repair appliances, then you graduate to go forth and prosper. It might sound crazy, but it’s really true. Let’s take a look at how Fred’s manages this.
First and foremost, Fred’s Appliance Academy is a hands-on institution. You will spend three weeks working directly on the same types of appliances you will encounter when you’re out on a real call. A large amount of hands-on training, coupled with our expert instructor’s knowledge, means your class time is spent actually doing and learning, not thinking and watching. These aren’t videos, this is real-life and hands-on. There is simply no better way to learn than to learn by doing, and that’s exactly what you’ll do in class. The best part about all of the hands-on training is that you’re not doing it alone. Beyond the instructor, your classmates will be right there with you, and you’ll quickly find that everyone has something to share and some way to help, because you all have the same goal.
On Campus
One of the hardest things about going to school for an adult is their inability to just be in school. For most adults, you go to school, then you go home and spend hours doing all of those things you have to do in regular life, and then, after you’re exhausted, you can finally think about the day’s lesson or get some school reading in. With Fred’s, you live on campus for three weeks in Fred’s Flats. When school is over for the day, you walk across a parking lot to the flat you’ll share with a classmate. Everyone gets their own bedroom, but the flatmate experience helps a lot in accelerating your learning. First off, there are no “at home” responsibilities. So maybe you get together with your flatmate or other students for a study session, or maybe your style is to work by yourself. Either way, you’ll have the time to get your studying and reading in, because you’ll be living on campus. There is no better way to ensure you can focus on your success than to live on campus while you’re in school.
The Faculty
You may have heard the saying before that those who can’t do, teach instead. Nothing could be further from the truth at Fred’s Appliance Academy.  Our instructors have done the job successfully in the real world, and they each bring a wealth of experience into the classroom. From these seasoned veterans, you’ll learn much more than repair skills. You’ll learn about dealing with clients, using the internet to best advantage, choosing the right tools and, of course, lots of real-world examples of what doing the job is like, including some challenges and how you can overcome them. Our faculty has trained almost 1000 repair technicians. They know what’s easy and where you might struggle. They know what to focus on and what to let you read on your own. Most importantly, they know how important this is to you and how life-changing it can be. They take the responsibility of teaching you very seriously, and their goal, always, is your success.
The Experience
There are many reasons Fred’s has graduates in 49 out of the 50 states, but one reason stands out: Fred’s gets results. When you combine the hands-on training, the experienced faculty and the on-campus learning environment, no night class or community college can come close to matching the full-on learning experience Fred’s provides. You simply can’t learn more in three week’s time anywhere else. So put yourself and your career first. Invest three weeks in your personal development. We offer tuition financing and even maintain a list of available scholarships. What can you accomplish in three weeks? Let’s find out. Contact us today!
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