Learning Appliance Repair as a Trade Over Going to College

Fred's Appliance Academy
August 24, 2020

These days more and more young people are looking towards learning a trade rather than going to college. It is a return that is happening after a surge of young people expected to go to college after high school that put many in great student debt. There are many benefits to learning a trade instead of going to college, but ultimately, it is a choice that a person must make for their future with their own mind. In order to best make this choice for yourself, you should know the benefits that learning a trade brings over all the known benefits of going to college.

Appliance Repair Training is Finished Sooner

Going to college can be a major investment of time. While you are spending six to eight hours a day in classes, you will then need to turn around and spent six to eight hours working a job just to make ends meet. It can be an incredibly stressful endeavor for those just starting out their adult life. However, training in appliance repair can give you the knowledge you need as well as useful certifications in months rather than years. Those years just out of high school are often considered some of the best years of your life, and it is a shame to waste being endlessly stressed out for an uncertain future.

Appliance Repair Training Costs Less

The average cost of even a two-year or four-year college degree rises with each passing year. This is the number one reason that more young people are looking towards the trades inside. A college degree will often require staggering student loan debt in order to complete because there is no way you could pay a tuition without working the high-paying job you are training for, but choosing an appliance repair program is something you can reasonably expect to pay for without taking out high loans amounts.

It is also worth knowing that different trade schools require different education lengths and costs. Appliance repair can be completed fairly quickly and within a year, whereas learning plumbing or electrical work may require training more akin to the length of an associate’s degree.

Appliance Repair is a Stable Industry

As long as people continue to rely on stoves, washers, dishwashers, and any other appliance in their home, you will always have work as an appliance repair technician. Even newer appliance models that you might feel should be made to last longer, will not. The technology is smarter and the machine is more efficient, but the lifespan of new appliances is still much the same. People will use these appliances every day and the appliances will break eventually. Unlike tech industries that are constantly changing and even dying out, appliance repair will remain much the same and any changes will be easy to learn for the trained hand.

Even if you are not a young person looking towards a future career, if you have been laid off because your previous industry is shrinking, moving into appliance repair can be a low risk and high reward move. Trade industries will always be stable and pay a solid livable wage. Furthermore, they are a job that definitely cannot be outsourced to other countries since they require physical presence rather than over the phone care.

Training in Practice, Not Theory

Many classes in college are nothing related to your degree. You will study literature, art, and history, all of which will help you become wiser as a person, but you will find little application to any career outside of the arts. By choosing to train in a trade, your education is all immediately applicable to your future career. You will learn all the necessary knowledge for your field in a hands-on manner from professionals that have worked in that field. This is why a trade is learned so much more quickly and at a lesser cost than those careers that require a college degree. No amount of effort is wasted.

An Industry of Availability

It is still true that young adults are still pushed towards industries that require a college degree. As such, there is still just as much blue-collar trade work, but not always as many workers that are needed to do it. Some jobs are so flush with new college graduates that it can be difficult to find a career in your industry of choice. However, in appliance repair and other trades, finding a job in your industry and your city is often much easier because so many are turning away from the trades.

Appliance Repair Teachers Have Good Connections

The real struggle after education is finding a job. However, many appliance repair instructors have good connections. This is because they are teachers that have actually worked in the industry. They can help you find not only a job but the right job for your desired area of repair and career goals.

Appliance Repair Makes a Good Wage

No matter what career you are considering, you will first consider what it pays. To start a life and a family, you need a stable and decent paying job. It has been recently forgotten that the trades do provide that. If you are considering training in appliance repair, you will make above even the high $15 minimum wage in now found in some areas. New appliance technicians can look at starting at about $17 per hour with seasoned technicians making well over $30 per hour. Of course, it all depends on the company in which you are employed as well.

You Have Chosen Appliance Repair, What Now?

If you believe that a future in appliance repair is the right career choice for you, then it is never too soon to start working towards that. As for your education in appliance repair, contact us today to see what courses we offer. Fred’s Appliance Academy is renowned for training a generation of appliance repair technicians. You can learn the skills that you need with our teachers in a hands-on classroom that will help jump-start your future career.

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