Learn Appliance Repair to Start These 5 In-Demand Jobs

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March 12, 2019

Whether starting out in the workforce or learning another trade, learning appliance repair creates excellent job opportunities for those interested. The good news is learning appliance repair can be accomplished in weeks or months and costs only a fraction of what a college degree does. Let’s discuss some of these opportunities by highlighting these 5 in-demand jobs available for those with appliance repair skills.   

#1. Appliance Technician for Established Company:

 After learning appliance repair and earning-related certifications, you can work for one of the 62,695 established businesses in the U.S. This is a great option for getting started in the appliance repair business, as it doesn’t require a lot of upfront money. With the basic tools and skills to get started, an appliance repair service can provide a good salary and the continuous training needed to make this a long-term career.

According to PayScale, appliance repair technicians hourly pay is $17.06/hr with a top end of $24.94/hr. This doesn’t include bonuses and overtime either, which could be significant considering the high-demand for appliance repair technicians.

Working for an established company is a great way to start out and make good money as an appliance repair technician. With this option, you can either rise through the ranks and become a leader in the company or branch off and eventually start your own business. 

#2. Start Your Own Appliance Repair Business:

 For the entrepreneurial types, learning appliance repair and earning certification can lead to starting your own appliance repair business. This gives you the ability to cut out the middle man and make more money, yet it also requires you to handle every aspect of managing a business.

Starting your own appliance repair business also requires more overhead and expenses to get started. This includes marketing, licensing, insurance, bonding, tools, vehicles, equipment, etc. Essentially, this job opportunity requires owners to be both an appliance repair technician and a business manager, yet it offers more freedom and money than working for someone else. 

#3. Property Management Maintenance:

Learning how to repair refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, and other appliances will also open you up to property management maintenance jobs. This is a significant $81 billion industry providing over 800k jobs in the U.S. with over 270k businesses.

While not as lucrative as working for an established appliance repair business or starting your own, property management maintenance jobs do average $16.49/hr and top out around $20/hr.

Property management maintenance jobs typically don’t require certifications, yet they do require a well-rounded skill set with other maintenance tasks, such as painting, construction, electrical, plumbing, etc. Learning appliance repair will add to these skills, as they’ll help you fix and maintain appliances in shared laundry rooms, kitchens, and living units. 

#4. Buy, Fix, and Sell Appliances Business:

Fixing broken appliances and reselling them is another job opportunity for appliance repair technicians. This can either be a side income along with these other opportunities or a stand-alone business.

This would be a great side income to go along with owning your own appliance repair business, as this would provide a good source for older appliances customers want to replace. You could also put an ad in the paper and online asking for unwanted appliances, fixing the ones worth reselling and salvaging the rest for parts or as scrap. 

#5. Appliance Sales Specialist:

 Learning appliance repair will also position you nicely for an appliance sales specialists job.

According to PayScale, the average wage for an appliance sales specialist is $15.78, yet with commissions and bonuses this can be much more.

While being a salesperson is much different than being an appliance repair technician, those with the skills to repair appliances will have a much deeper understanding of the appliances they’re selling. Also, this is a less physically demanding job opportunity, which may come in handy when you’re older, have physical limitations, or prefer a more comfortable working environment. 


Learning appliance repair and earning certifications is a great way to start a lucrative and stable career involving appliances. The ubiquitous nature of appliances, the high-demand for technicians, and the good wage appliance repair jobs offer are all good reasons to enter this industry.

Fred’s Appliance Academy is a great place to learn appliance repair and start these 5 jobs, as it offers hands-on appliance training, room and board, the chance to earn certifications, and the resources to get started with your career. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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