Should You Go Into Appliance Repair or Become an Electrician? A Few Things to Consider

Fred's Appliance Academy
November 17, 2016

If you are mechanically inclined, enjoy problem solving and troubleshooting, and are interested in a new career, you may be considering both the appliance repair and electrician industries. While these career paths have some similarities and are appealing for similar reasons, there are also some major differences to keep in mind:

What These Jobs Have in Common:

Becoming either an appliance repair tech or an electrician is a great job for someone who is mechanically-minded, likes working with their hands, has solid troubleshooting and problem solving skills, and enjoys figuring out how things work. These are great jobs for anyone who wants to avoid working at a desk all day and is interested in a reliable, solid career path in a field that is always hiring and in demand. Either way, you will have a specific skill set that not many people have and that companies and individuals are always willing to pay well for.

Differences in Training:

To become a certified appliance repair tech normally requires a short course (our most popular training at the Academy is 3 weeks long) and then pass a test based on what you’ve learned. Our classes include both theory and hands-on training, so that when you complete the course you will understand why appliances work the way they do, recognize malfunctions and parts that need repaired, and know how to make needed repairs. You will also be trained in appliance electrical work and in appliance maintenance and repair prevention.

Our three week course also delves into the business side of becoming an appliance repair tech, including how to conduct yourself professionally to ensure the hightest degree of customer satisfaction and repeat business. We offer Paypal financing and scholarships, making appliance repair technician training even more accessible to anyone interested.

Training to become an electrician, on the other hand, tends to be much more involved and time-consuming. Because of the complexity of electrical work and the associated risks and dangers, it’s important to have as much training as possible. Requirements vary by location but on average, electricians are required to complete 144 hours of technical training as well as 2000 hours of on-the-job training in the form of an apprenticeship.

Differences in Salary:

While both careers pay a respectable wage, electricians do tend to make more money since they are required to receive more training. The average national salary for an appliance repair technician is around $40,000. If you are business-savvy you can make much more than this by starting your own appliance repair business and eventually hiring additional repair technicians when you get busy enough. You may also be able to boost your income by becoming certified in specific appliance brands, such as Bosch.

The average electrician makes around $50,000 a year, after the one or two-year apprenticeship where they make 30-50% less than a fully trained electrician. So while electricians can potentially make more money than appliance repair techs, it does take longer to get to that point.

Because it’s easier and faster to become an appliance repair tech than an electrician, and since these jobs are somewhat similar, it may be a good idea to start out as an appliance repair tech. You can then determine if you are especially interested in the electrical aspect of appliance repair, and begin further training to become an electrician at that time. In either case, you will be entering an in-demand field with low unemployment rates and many opportunities for overtime and advancement.

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