From a Green Tech to a Senior Tech

Fred's Appliance Academy
January 10, 2020

Corina is one of Fred’s Appliance’s most accomplished technicians. Throughout her 3+ years with the company, she has received recognition from customers and peers alike while repairing thousands of appliances for our customers. We would like to share her experience and some tips on how to become as successful as she is. 

When Corina was hired in October 2016, she had no experience as a repair technician. Her previous jobs included a Press Operator and a Rewind Operator. At these jobs, Corina was responsible for quality control, operator training, and troubleshooting. These experiences fine-tuned her attention to detail and understanding of how machines work. While her previous roles were quite different from this new position, she found the skills she gained to be very valuable as a technician. Corina remembers being a new technician and says that it was oftentimes frustrating and challenging. However, she says this frustration was eased because the team she works with is “amazing and everyone is there to support each other”. With the support of her team and the motto “If f I do not learn every day, I’m not doing my job right”, she continued to learn and is now one of our senior technicians. 

Corina attributes her success as a technician to being prepared. She knows that she won’t always get it perfect the first time, but she does her best to do so. Corina always takes the time to review the next days’ calls the evening before so she knows what appliances and complaints she will be working with the next day. This allows her to think of potential truck stock parts she may need or diagnostic techniques to be ready to use. Fred’s Appliance pays technicians a base rate but also incentivizes them with a bonus. If the technicians reach a certain threshold, they take home a healthy percentage of all sales after that. Corina says that this encourages her to take her time, be prepared, and do what she can to avoid recalls.

One of Corina’s greatest achievements at Fred’s Appliance has been her survey results. We survey all of our customers after their completed repairs using a 5-star rating system. All of our technicians have stellar reviews, with an average of 973.7 total stars each in 2019. Corina had over 1,530 total stars in 2019 and an average rating of 4.9 stars. The reviews that Corina’s customers submit include comments such as “Quick analysis of the issue – and quick fix. Corina was perfect. On-time, respectful of my home and quick to figure out what was wrong – and quick to fix it. Plus, she’s a really nice person.”, “The techs knowledge is very impressive and [her] ability to work as a team is very special polite respectful and made the inconvenience much easier”, and “Corina was excellent. I was very comfortable having her in my home.” 

It’s clear that she simply provides excellent service, listens to the customers’ needs, and fixes the appliances efficiently. Corina has a few simple tactics that she uses to ensure she makes her customers satisfied. The first tip is that she is always honest with her customers. She explains what is going on with the unit and why, and is upfront about the cost of repair. Sometimes units are just too expensive to repair and Corina finds it’s best to share the truth without delay. She also provides advice on how to maintain an appliance and keep it running, such as maintaining clear dryer vents and the importance of keeping up with cleaning beneath and behind refrigerators. She also always carries dog treats with her. With permission, of course, she keeps the furry members of the family happy, too! 

Corina has been with our company for over three years and says she has nothing negative to say about her job. She appreciates the opportunity for continued training on anything at any time and the ability to speak up about anything. The entire team values Corina just as much as she values us. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and our customers can’t say enough great things about her! We hope to continue to employ driven, smart, and friendly employees like Corina!

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