Dacor Technical Support Getting Hands On Training

dacor training
Fred's Appliance Academy
December 19, 2016

As we close out 2016, we hope that everyone has had a productive year in appliance repair.  We ended our year training on basic refrigeration.  It’ was a great group with a lot of technicians that had experience and were looking to sharpen their skills and feel more confident when making a sealed system repair.

Dacor, the high-end brand of Samsung, sponsored two students to attend our one week course.  What set them apart from a typical student was that these two students work the phones and provide technical support to their authorized network.  Each student has had some hands-on exposure in the field but it was always under the supervision of a more experienced technician.   The goal for Dacor of sending these students to our training was to give them more exposure to what field technicians have to deal with on a daily basis while also refining their skill set on basic refrigeration principles.

After completing the training, both students feel more confident when advising on sealed system issues.

“Having the opportunity for hands-on training and going through the repair process gives me a lot more confidence” claimed Erica Wilkins who has been with Dacor for 10 years.

Both Erica and Luis Vega plan to recommend this course for other tech support staff members to take.  We couldn’t agree more that hands-on training will greatly enhance the productivity of anyone involved in the appliance industry.  Whether it’s appliance sales, replacement parts, or technical support, when a person knows how something is supposed to work, they are going to be in a better position to know why something does NOT work.  This leads to less call backs on your field staff ensuring the proper parts are being replaced when diagnosing a complex issue.

We hope more manufacturers embrace hands-on training with other departments that directly relate to appliance repair.  Dacor is setting the bar high for their employees and we love helping them reach it!


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