Build Your Appliance Repair Business by Training Rookies with Fred’s Academy

Fred's Appliance Academy
March 9, 2020

Appliance repair is an industry where there is always demand. Appliances are an essential part of modern living and most people would prefer to have their large and valuable home applianced repaired than to buy a new one. In any neighborhood, the local appliance repair services have plenty of business, repairing everything from washing machines to microwaves.

However, building your team is another story. Many appliance repair workshops have trouble putting together a full team of skilled, experienced technicians. You can put out job adverts but there just aren’t that many free-floating experienced repair technicians waiting to be hired. And when you think about it, this makes sense. There is a unique combination of reasons why technicians don’t grow on trees.

Why Is It Hard to Find a Skilled Appliance Repair Technician for Hire?

  • Most repair technicians are already employed
  • It’s tough to get into the business when companies are only hiring skilled technicians

Fortunately, the answer is as simple as the problem when looked at correctly. 

Building Your Appliance Repair Team from the Ground Up

What is a growing appliance repair business to do when there’s more work than they currently skilled technicians can cover? Easy: You train. Any industry looking to expand the number of skilled workers in the field need do only one thing to make that happen. It’s time to train some rookies.

Hire entry-level team members who are interested in learning appliance repair and teach them the business. Let’s face it, few people outside the business realize how recession-proof and enjoyable appliance repair can be. Few people are sending themselves to appliance repair training in hopes of being hired by your team. Even if they would be a fantastic addition to your technician workforce once they have the skills. So help out. Send enthusiastic entry-level rookies to training and welcome them back ready to start their apprenticeship.

From the Gen Zs graduating high school to parents and retirees reentering the workforce, there are thousands of entry-level workers looking for their first job experience and some still seeking the direction they want to go. Training rookies is the natural solution when your area has too few skilled technicians to hire. Build your team from the ground up by training for the skills and experience you need. 

Partnering with Fred’s Appliance Academy to Train Your New Technicians

One of the best ways to train rookies quickly and comprehensively is to send them to a training course. Fred’s Appliance Repair is renowned in the appliance industry both for providing excellent service in Ohio for teaching one of the most comprehensive appliance repair courses in the nation. In fact, international students sometimes fly over to learn the trade and take their skills back home. Fred’s courses include dozens of hours of hands-on training. This creates a rich and memorable experience that teachers with greater depth than online courses and textbooks. Classrooms are filled with rookies and experienced technicians brushing up on their skills. The classes teach classic repair and the latest models of home appliances.

Students are welcomed to stay in Fred’s Flats, a set of apartments reserved specifically for Appliance Academy students. The flats are located within easy walking distance of the academy. We provide them so that students can travel to learn and focus entirely on absorbing appliance repair skills. In the flats, students share pizzas and quiz each other on methods to fix the latest models of appliances. This helps to gel the lessons learned and the visceral memory of working with the appliances while also helping to memorize the stats and facts that every appliance technician needs to know offhand.

Sent to Fred’s, your rookies will come back full of so much new repair knowledge that they may even teach your old-hands a thing or two about the most recent techniques and models. 

One Rookie or a Whole Class

Whether you’re hiring technicians-in-training in batches or sending promising new hires one at a time, Fred’s Appliance Academy is always holding lessons and can accommodate any of your team’s training needs. Students are welcome to dominate a course with one growing team or arrive one at a time for individual skill acquisition. Groups from one team are welcome to take the same courses together or diversify their skills while attending at the same time. Of course, we’ll also gladly absorb one or two of your new entry-level hires at a time to transform them from eager recruits into the skilled appliance technicians that your team needs. 

Sending Your Old-Hands Back to School

Even your experienced technicians can get in on the fun. Fred’s offers a great set of coursework to expand a technician’s expertise, brush up on the latest appliance models. The academy is designed for both new and returning technicians, focusing on skills and hands-on experience. Your technicians can also acquire and update EPA certification as a technician maintaining clean-air appliances.

Experienced technicians will also get to share their wisdom with classes full of rookies who will also be spending time in class and the Flats. You can send your experienced technicians at the same time as your rookies or let them select exactly the classes and dates they want to attend to hone their skills. 

Grow Your Appliance Repair Business with Fred’s Appliance Academy Training

The people you train through Fred’s Appliance Academy won’t just be learning a new skill and earning the certificates needed to join your workforce. They’ll be learning a skill that will be profitable and rewarding for the rest of their lives. Appliance repair is a business for which there is always demand. In many cases, you’ll have a new loyal employee who will truly appreciate you giving them a leg-up out of entry-level and into the realm of skilled technicians. Send your rookies to Fred’s to speed up the training process and quickly gain the necessary certification to add these new hires to your service team.  Contact us today to talk about the right course selection to help transform your rookies into new team experts.

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