How to Become a Certified Appliance Repair Person in 3-Weeks

Fred's Appliance Academy
February 7, 2018

If you’re reading this we can assume that you’re either looking to start a new career, improve the skills and training you already have, or you own an appliance repair service and want to send some of your technicians for a more comprehensive and inclusive experience regarding appliance repair service. Whatever the reason, keep reading to find out if Fred’s Appliance Repair Academy is for you. Major home appliance consumerism continues to grow making the appliance repair industry to be in need of qualified technicians. But there aren’t that many schools to choose from and there is no school as comprehensive as Fred’s.

Fred’s Appliance Repair Academy came about as the result of vision and determination to fulfill a growing need for appliance repair technicians. Since its start in 2008, Fred’s has prepared, trained and certified over 1,000 technicians for the rewarding field of appliance repair. Check out here what some prior students are saying about Fred’s.

Fred’s offers a three-week course that covers basic appliance repair and a one week course that teaches refrigeration.

Fred’s Academy offers a place to live while you’re in school. Fred’s Flats includes a private bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, cable TV, and Wi-Fi and it’s just a short walk to class. Accommodations are covered with tuition costs.

  • The academy offers a 3-week intensive course where we are going to immerse you in such subjects as appliance electrical theory, microwaves, gas and electric ranges as well as many other repair components of appliance repair. Students can earn 2 nationally recognized appliance repair certificates. Tuition costs are $4,099. Click here for more information.
  • Maybe you have a general working knowledge of basic appliance repair, but you find yourself getting service calls for various cooling systems that are a bit over your head. No matter what the reason is, we invite you to come join our next class and get an all-inclusive refrigeration tune-up.  Bring your running shoes because this course is intensive and fast-paced with hands-on user-experience. Tuition is $2,099.49. Click here to see everything else that includes.
  • Do you know the difference between a front-load washer and a top-load washer? Maybe, maybe not. Most of us know that the main difference is how the laundry is loaded but there are some basic differences on troubleshooting and repairs that we can’t wait to share with you when you join our next class. Tuition for this specialty course is $2099.49.
  • Tuition financing available through PayPal.
  • Affiliated with the Institute of Appliance Service Technicians. Those who pass the ioAST exam are guaranteed to have acquired the fundamental knowledge, skills, and ability to work on major home appliances.
  • Prepares you to take and pass the National Appliance Service Technicians which certifies a technician’s knowledge, skills, and ability to work on major home appliances. Provides additional leverage with your future employer.
  • No matter what course you choose, Fred’s Academy has a place for you to live while you’re in school. Fred’s Flats includes a private bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. All included in the cost of tuition!
  • Prepares students to work in the high-demand world of appliance repair.
  • Prepares students for service, repair, and the ability to work on any home appliance upon course completion.
  • Prepares you to apply for the Class One CFC Certification.
  • Fred’s website includes appliance job listings, industry news, educational and fun infographics.
  • Fred’s has a strong social media presence providing interesting and informative commentary as well as timely responses to questions and comments. Fred’s Academy won’t leave you hanging but will provide valuable insights and resources to help you when you enter the exciting world of appliance repair.

If you like people this is for you. If you like the sense of accomplishment that comes from walking into what appears to be a hopeless situation only to know that you have the knowledge, the resources, the tools, the support, and the expertise to return a smile to someone’s face where just moments before you arrived was a hopeless frown. And let these words express the most important thing for you to know. After you walk out your customer’s door, it’s not about the appliance you just repaired. It’s about the person who you repaired it for. In the end, people is what service is all about.

Are you ready to join our next class? Classes are limited to 20 students so contact us soon! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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