Appliance Repair Training: A Great Career Choice

appliance repair training
Fred's Appliance Academy
September 26, 2016

For some people, working with tools is a great joy in their life. Many of us enjoy fixing things, and helping others. Through professional appliance repair training, you can make a difference and help others.

Why appliance repair?

The nice thing about this field is that as long as there are appliances, there will always be a need for people who are trained to fix them. Appliances and their individual features may change, but the need for repair work of some kind will always stay the same. Therefore, when you enter the appliance repair field of work, you can rest assured that there will always be business.

Of course, if you’re not looking to make an entire career change, then the training and skills you will acquire in the process can also help you to do this type of work on the side. Or, if you’re already working in the industry with no formal training, it can help you to achieve different certifications which will improve both your work and your reputation.

Institute Of Appliances Service Technicians

The vision of this institute is to help to create quality technicians that are trained with a variety of skills in order to keep up with the ever-evolving complexities of appliances.

Because appliances are becoming more complicated year after year, any technician must have a working knowledge of “electricity, plumbing, HVAC, appliance installation procedures, on top of having a deep understanding of appliance repair.” By earning this certification, you can show your employer and future customers that you are able to get the job done properly thanks to your knowledge and skills.

National Appliance Service Technician Certification

“The NASTeC exams measure the knowledge, ability and skills that technicians need daily to ‘do the job right’.” This certification is another way of showing your customers, employers, and competitors that you have the proper training to get the job done. In this fast-paced world where you need to stay up to date on the various technologies, a certification like the NASTeC will show that you are educated and able to repair any number of appliances.

Both of the above certifications are great to have on your resume. They will not only help to set you apart from your competitors, but will also give you the confidence to work on any appliance that needs your help. There will always be demand for skilled professionals who can get the job done right, and do good by themselves and for their employers.

Reputation in the service industry is everything. When you are able to make your customers happy and get appliances repaired in a timely and correct fashion, you can set yourself about the rest. But in order to do that, you must have the training, skills, and knowledge necessary to service all appliances.

Pick What is Right For You

The single week course we offer is designed for training in a very specific area. For example, you can pick between refrigerators and sealed systems, or microwaves and electricity. Depending on what fits your needs, you can choose between the two or complete both courses at different times. Or you can pick the three week course, which will equip you with the general basics of appliance repair.

Regardless of which course you choose and what is best for you at the time, you will leave with a great deal of new information and knowledge that you didn’t have before you started.

Appliance repair is a great field to get involved in. Service jobs are always in demand, and with the proper training you will find work and improve both your expertise and reputation. To learn more about getting the education that you need, please contact us.

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