Academy Resources moving from Box to Google Drive

Fred's Appliance Academy
February 19, 2018

We at Fred’s Appliance Academy have been hard at work looking to improve our curriculum and continue our push towards accreditation.  Our staff looks constantly for better and more effective ways to train appliance repair.  This includes the software we use.

For years we have used to handle our Academy Resources.  Our resources include a large, searchable database of various service manuals for all different kinds of brands and products in the appliance industry.  This database is accessible for all students that have attended a course at Fred’s Appliance Academy.  Starting March 1, 2018, our Academy Resources is now handled by Google Drive.  Going forward, all students will be given Google Drive access instead of Box.

Any student from previous classes simply need to contact us to request access to the new Academy Resource location.  A gmail account is recommended for accessing the database.

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