5 Ways to Make Money from Learning Appliance Repair

Fred's Appliance Academy
June 10, 2019

Being able to repair home appliances is an important skill to have. A handy person around the house can save thousands in repair costs and extend the life of home appliances for years. But the benefits go so much further than your own kitchen. The skill to repair home appliances also comes with significant external financial opportunities. There is always work for a skilled repair professional and in more ways than you might think.

Today, we’re here to highlight five different ways that you can turn your appliance repair skill into income and profits.

1) Find Repair Jobs Anywhere

If you like the idea of a local appliance repair business that helps nearby households with dishwasher and oven repairs, then you will always find enjoyable work available. Every major town needs skilled handypersons available for repairs and emergency services. You may find a place in an established local repair team or found your own small service company to fill a local need.

2) Always Have a TaskRabbit Skill to Side-Hustle

Of course, appliance repair doesn’t have to be your ‘day job’ to be profitable. If you’re into the sharing economy, there’s always someone nearby who needs help troubleshooting their appliances and enacting repairs. Anyone with the right certifications on a Task Rabbit or similar platform will find themselves with no shortage of side jobs to accept. Your spare evenings and weekends could become a source of income by helping neighbors with your skills through the sharing economy.

3) Restore & Refurbish Old Appliances

Another interesting and profitable use for appliance repair is restoration and refurbishing. Some people have dinosaur model appliances that they just don’t want to give up. In some cases, you may even be asked to work on a custom or customized rig. But your skills can be highly valuable when bringing old appliances back to life for one purpose or another. Specialty owners or collectors will pay for the service.

4) Flip Houses for Greater Value with Repair

House ‘flipping’ is the art of taking a shabby house, fixing it up, and selling it for more than you paid. Appliance repair is an incredibly useful skill whether you are selling an inherited home or working an investment plan. The ability to repair appliances will mean that you can take on tougher projects and save investment capital on having to buy new appliances for a flipped home.

A home may well have sold for a low price because the essential appliances were broken and unreplaced. By repairing instead of replacing them, you can add thousands to the new sale price simply because the appliances are in working order with new parts.

5) Offer Full-Service Property Management

The same principle can apply to manage real estate. Someone with appliance repair skills can always find work in property management and make a pretty penny doing so. This is true whether you are managing your own investment properties or finding work as a profitable manager and maintenance professional for an investor’s portfolio. Appliance repair is a fantastic way to back up your management capabilities by taking care of all or most property repairs on your own.—The ability to repair household appliances isn’t just a pathway to repair jobs everywhere. It’s also a valuable skill to carry into adjacent industries through the sharing economy or even real estate.

With these skills, you can both save money and make money. If you’re looking for more information about learning appliance repair in a fast and engaging course, contact us today. You could have hands-on experience in advanced appliance repair in the near future and profitable skills only a few weeks after that.

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