5 Skills Effective Appliance Repair Training Can Teach You

appliance repair training
Fred's Appliance Academy
November 26, 2016

If you are looking to further your knowledge in appliance repair, you need to make sure to find a program that can actually help you succeed. Whether you are just looking to repair your own appliances or actually want to turn your newfound expertise into a profession, here are 5 skills effective appliance repair training can (and should) teach you.

1) Expertise on a Range of Appliances

Even the word appliance is a broad term. It can refer to microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, driers, refrigerators, and more. That means an appliance repair course cannot just focus on one of these appliances, and pretend that the skills are transferable. Instead, it needs to take a close look into each type of appliance, and how you can repair them.

Of course, you may specialize in a specific type of appliance. But even when you do, you should learn at least some skills that can apply to others too. The same is true for brands: if you only know how to repair GE refrigerators, for example, you may not find the available work specialized enough for you to take on a lot of repair jobs.

2) Plumbing and Electrical Knowledge

Appliance repair is a complex field, and one that requires you to know quite a bit of technical details. You won’t leave our training as a certified electrician or plumber. You will, however, gain the electrical and plumbing skills necessary to open up an appliance, and make any necessary electrical and plumbing repairs connected to that appliance. Especially if you come into the training with no knowledge in the field, touching on these subjects is crucial to help you understand how each appliance works.

3) Expertise in Various Tools

What tools will you need to repair appliances? By the end of the training, you will be able to answer that question confidently and reliably. Especially for novices in appliance repair, our broad list of recommended tools may seem overwhelming. In the course of the training, you will gain a better understanding of their functionality, and when each tool may come into play.

4) Computer Skills

At Fred’s Appliance, we pride ourselves in teaching more than just the technical skills required to repair an appliance. In the course of your work, you will be required to search manufacturers’ websites to find potential replacement parts, or find technical information about an appliance you may not have dealt with before through a quick web search.

Especially if you are making a career change and have not worked with computers much in the past, you might underestimate the necessity of these skills. Fortunately, we offer training that can help to prepare you specifically for these types of scenarios.

5) Customer Service 

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of managing your customer relationship when becoming an appliance repair professional. Especially in the beginning, you will need to rely on word of mouth about your services to grow your business and increase your audience. That word of mouth, of course, can only be successful if your customers enjoy working with you.

Because we want our students to be fully prepared for both the technical and intangible demands of this career, customer service is a core part of our training curriculum. You will learn how to manage customers, and how to make sure that each job can be completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

If you’re looking for effective appliance repair training, make sure that it teaches you all of the above skills. All of them will be necessary to ensure a successful career in the field. To learn more about our training program, and how we can help you become a successful appliance repair technician, contact us.

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