5 Careers Where Appliance Repair is a Valued Skill

Fred's Appliance Academy
November 11, 2019

When most people hear about learning appliance repair, naturally their first thought is that the purpose is to become a repair technician. It’s true that repair technicians will always find work because there will always be refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and range tops to fix. There will always be a need for someone who can confidently wield a screwdriver and open up the housing on machinery to troubleshoot and replace the fiddly little electronic bits inside. 

But appliance repair services aren’t your only career options that value the skill. If you have other aspirations, alternate or in addition, knowing how to repair appliances is an incredibly valuable skill in a wide variety of real estate and service professions and there will never be an end to the opportunities to use your newly learned skills.

Let’s explore five of the most predominant careers in which appliance repair is a highly valued skill in industry professionals.

1) Property Management – Commercial and Residential

Property management is one of those catch-all terms that means a person or service who can take care of every aspect of keeping a property in good condition. Whether that means handling problems yourself or knowing who to call. So being a property manager with skills that run the gamut from re-securing gutters to fixing dishwasher leaks can be incredibly lucrative work. Wealthy property managers in both the residential and commercial sectors need handy go-getters who can answer tenant calls, deal with problems immediately, and save a bundle on inspections and services by handling repairs personally.

You can become the go-to technician for a property management team or start your own property management business in which you cultivate your own clients and handle every aspect of the job for great personal reward.

2) Landlording

Of course, landlords only need property managers if they cannot personally handle problems themselves. Many people get into being a landlord in a natural way like inheriting a home or buying a new home and renting the old one. But you can also build yourself a local portfolio of homes or even businesses to collect rents and do your own property management. Become one of those awesome, friendly landlords who arrive in person to fix the washing machine, and ask about the kids. You know what a great landlord is like, and you could become that great landlord with appliance repair skills and that down-to-earth rapport with your tenants.

3) Seasonal Resort Caretaking

Seasonal resort caretaking isn’t just something in The Shining, it’s a real type of job that many families are hired to do when ski resorts and other seasonal vacation venues shut down for their off-season. If you’ve always wanted to get paid to live in a big beautiful location and take care of the property, appliance repair is an essential part of the resume to find these gem opportunities. Being able to keep up with the appliances, protect them from extreme weather conditions, and fix anything that breaks so it’s in top condition when the venue opens again is a great skill to add to your caretaking resume.

4) Investment Home Flipping

Some people buy homes but don’t keep them to the landlord. Instead, they buy shabby but sturdy homes and fix them up to sell for a huge boost in price. In addition to fresh coats of paint and light remodeling, appliance repair is a huge part of successful home flipping. Many older homes that have run down have perfectly functional appliances that have been allowed to break without being repaired. But a few replaced parts and a little polish are all that old stove, fridge, washer, and dryer need to be welcoming for a new family. If home flipping sounds like a dream no-string career or a fun way to spend a few seasons, then learning appliance repair is a valuable way to prepare yourself for a few profitable renovation and flip projects.

5) Appliance Repair and Handyman Services

Then, of course, there are classic appliance repair and handyman services. Whether you want to found your own company, join an acclaimed local team, or offer your handyman services freelance on the gig-economy, there will always be work for someone who knows how to repair a dishwasher. You can specialize in commercial properties, fixing up mini-fridges and microwaves for thousands of hotel rooms and office break rooms or focus on more traditional residential services.

But why limit yourself? With appliance repair in your back pocket, you can go anywhere in the real estate business on the owner’s side or the services side of the coin and find yourself with valuable work to do. Whether you’re saving yourself a pretty penny on investments or cultivating your client network throughout your home city. 

Contact us today to find out more about learning appliance repair from end-to-end with hours of hands-on practice and immersive coursework for lessons that will never stop being useful to you. No matter where your future career or investments take you.

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